The Magic of Finkleton

The Magic of Finkleton Most folks say Mother Nature controls the rain However this is not the case in the village of Finkleton In the perfect little village of Finkleton the weather is always perfect Every farm grows the

  • Title: The Magic of Finkleton
  • Author: K.C. Hilton
  • ISBN: 9781456570293
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Most folks say, Mother Nature controls the rain However this is not the case in the village of Finkleton.In the perfect little village of Finkleton, the weather is always perfect Every farm grows the best, biggest, healthiest crops in the entire world, and everyone is happy.Soon after the Finkles inherit their Uncle Harry s shop and move to Finkleton, they discover magMost folks say, Mother Nature controls the rain However this is not the case in the village of Finkleton.In the perfect little village of Finkleton, the weather is always perfect Every farm grows the best, biggest, healthiest crops in the entire world, and everyone is happy.Soon after the Finkles inherit their Uncle Harry s shop and move to Finkleton, they discover magical secrets hidden in his shop One clue at a time, Jack, Lizzy and Robert learn the town s amazing secret No, Mother Nature is not in charge in Finkleton Ever since Uncle Harry s death, the weather has not been cooperating Farms are starting to fail Will the Finkle children be able to solve all the magical mysteries before the village is destroyed Come along to Finkleton A very special, magical adventure is about to begin Age Range 9 12Childrens Middle Grade Fiction

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    • The Magic of Finkleton By K.C. Hilton
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  • I had the great honor of reading The Magic of Finkleton when it was in a writer's forum. It was of course the un-edited version.This story will draw you in from the start and hooks you at the end of each chapter. As an adult I quite enjoyed the story and wanted to get a child's point of view (I was curious) so I read it to my children (laptop in hand) before they went to bed (it took a few evenings) but they enjoyed it very much!As a parent I loved the many questions they had at the end of each [...]

  • No Spoilers! I don't do that!First things first The book cover is georgeous! Seriosly, I can't wait to see the actual book. I bought the ebook.Second The writing is straight forward and direct to the point. It wasn't overly descriptive. It had just the right amount of description to keep me from skipping like I tend to do in most books, when I get bored. I liked the writing style.Third I wasn't bored. It definately held my interest. The prologue and first chapter was pretty gripping, I was hooke [...]

  • I couldn't wait for this book to come out!I liked the clean fun adventure it contained as well as the funny bits.I have to agree with another review, that this book was straight to the point. It didn't contain a bunch of over description, like many books do, just to gain pages. A story can be well written without all the extra junk, that I skim over, it had just the right amount in my opinion.Semi-Spoiler Below ***I especially liked it when Robert found the magical lever. If I had found it, I wo [...]

  • Okay! I was lucky enough to read this after the truly awesome K.C. Hilton sent me a copy! I was just leaving for the airport on Saturday when I saw the post had arrived and luckily I had a few seconds spare to open the envelope and see what was inside - and then excitedly pop the book into my bag because it's a small, light paperback that would not break my back to carry to Amsterdam and back.At 184 pages and with a compelling storyline, it's a very quick read - I ended up finishing it while sti [...]

  • THE MAGIC OF FINKLETON BY KC HILTONI have yet to read a book from the Night Publishing stables that has not left me in awe of the brilliant writing ability of it’s authors. The Magic of Finkleton by KC Hilton is no exception.William Finkles’ uncle dies unexpectedly leaving his store and home to his nephew. Ironically Williams’ family home is burnt to the ground at exactly the same time. So the family due to this qwerk of fate relocate to the village of Finkleton. Sceptics would say ‘coin [...]

  • I read mostly young adult, but felt compelled to read this one. This is Hilton's debut book and It was really good. The age group for this book is spot-on.It held my interest to the last page. The slow build up was nicely done. Will there be a sequel? If so, I'll read it.

  • When I saw this book's gorgeous cover and read the glowing reviews, I got this book for my kids so we could discover along with the Finkle kids the secrets they stumble upon in Finkleton. After reading the synopsis to my daughter she told me outright that it sounded very predictable. She didn't seem excited as I was to read it along with me. Nonetheless, I snuggled with my kids on the bed and began reading. The first chapter was promising but by the third chapter, my son told me there was too mu [...]

  • How is this possibly boring??Full review at: generalconfessions.weebly/**Edit: After reading an ARC of Return to Finkleton, I have decided that I loved that one much more than this and believe I will give this one four stars instead of the initial five. Still love this one though!

  • I enjoyed this book very much and so did my daughters. It's definately for 9-12 year olds, but I found it interesting as well.From my daughter's point of views: They loved all the secrets and the Finkle children.

  • I absolutely loved this book. Great imagination and fun for me to read. I can easily see this book as the perfect bedtime story.

  • After their house is mysteriously burnt, the Finkles learn that their Uncle Harry had died the exact same night, and he left all his belongings to them, including his general store. The Finkles pack up what didn’t burn in the fire and move to Finkleton to start a new life. The three children are Jack, Lizzy, and Robert, who are all uniquely different from another. Jack is the oldest and thinks he is the brightest. He enjoys numbers and organizing things. Lizzy is the bookworm of the family, an [...]

  • A very fun and entertaining read.The story was fresh and original and the writing flowed beautifully.I loved the characters and didn't want the book to end. the second book in the series comes out 2012 and I will definitely be buying it. If you enjoy middle-grade novels, then pick up "The Magic of Finkleton"it's a fast, easy read and I'd recommend it to everyone. - R.D.

  • Overall this was a good book.*** Spoiler Below ***Hourglasses controlling the weather. Who would have thought?Uncle Harry Finkle owns a shop and breaks a string to an hourglass just before he dies. Immediately the mystery of these hourglasses pull the reader into the story. At the same time his newphew's home is destroyed by a severe storm. Again, the broken hourglass string and the unexplained storm are a mystery. Awesome prologue and major hook.The Finkle family moves to Finkleton to run Uncle [...]

  • **Originally posted on my site BUNNYCATES **My Thoughts: I was sent a copy of this book from the author. She, like us, is from Kentucky so I couldn’t wait for it to show up! I think I was more excited about it coming then Sis was! Can I just take a moment to comment on the cover art. GORGEOUS! Sis (age 10) and I read this one as a “read together” book. Each night, each of us would read a chapter aloud. I really enjoyed it. It was great mommy/daughter time, and the story was fun and differe [...]

  • Their house burning down left few choices for the Finkle family. Taking over their recently deceased Uncle Harry’s general store in Finkleton was their only option. Arriving in the small England village after hearing father’s stories of Uncle Harry and his store, each of the three children were intrigued just enough to be looking forward to exploring everything. After a modicum of unpacking, they all wanted to look at the store and the house, Jack was the oldest and was looking forward to le [...]

  • Returned me to the magic of childhood!This book, though written for children, can encompass all ages in the way of fairy tales of yore. A magical time when things are not what they seem. Well-written to keep anticipation coming, and flows with mystery and curiosity. An old shopkeeper dies and the village farms of Finkleton are instantly inundated with rain. At the same time a home in another village is struck by lightning and burned. What is happening with the weather?The home that was destroyed [...]

  • In these days of horror and starvation, endless vampires and witchcraft on every TV and Cinema screen who wouldn't be at a loss to think the devil was at work. So it is a pure joy to read, ney endulge and get totally lost into the delightful world of FINKLETON. As an Englishman - well Welshman actually with family links to the aristocracy and a fair knowledge of his language, the idea of an American author from deepest Kentucky writing about a quaint mystical place called Finkleton near Bath (on [...]

  • This is a great book for the young and the young at heart, It is well written and will keep your interest from the first page all the way to the end, It is fun watching the children discover the magic through the story, as the decisions are left to them to decide what they will do with the secrets the have found, and it is very cute as the children have the normal sibling spats, I loved the feeling of this small magical town in England, A place everyone would love to visit, Young readers will en [...]

  • Magic of Finkleton, filled with mystery and wonders. I really enjoyed how the story wraps around the kids (siblings). By reading this, I couldn't help but think of my siblings, we may bicker about a few things but we do come together when we need too. I personally feel like this book is a teaching when it comes to family. Family backs each other up and protects each other, that is what this family, especially the kids do in the story once it gets going. This story has a lot of character and just [...]

  • Had I not won The Magic of Finkleton as a giveaway, I probably would not have had the opportunity to read the book. What a happy bit of fate that I won! This is a most enjoyable young-reader book. As I read it, I was reminded of the Boxcar children. The children in this book work together to solve their problems and help the community, without their parents finding out about the secrets that are hidden in there new place where they live. I like that the story stresses the power of knowledge and [...]

  • K.C. Hilton must be a lovely person, because despite being unable to write, she's convinced quite a lot of people to give her books 5 stars. I guess she's a good friend in person. Seriously, my primary-school kids write SIGNIFICANTLY better than this. It's cringe-makingly bad. Bad grammar, no flow, no character development, scarcely even a plot. You'd pat an eight-year-old on the head and say "good work, love - shows promise" if he/she brought this home, but you'd never choose to read it for ple [...]

  • A delightful story of three young children who move, along with their parents, to the perfect town of Finkleton. There, they discover the town's secrets, but just how many secrets are there, and how is their family connected ? A magical adventure awaits them!This was a very enjoyable, quick read. Perfect for younger readers, but still enjoyable for older readers as well. Reading this story made me feel like a kid again! The magic continues in Return to Finkleton. I'm going to start reading it no [...]

  • Sorry, I like many others was seduced by the brilliant reviews, but I am truly sorry to say that the book is not very well written and not very interesting either. The main characters are very unappealing and as some others have said, act much younger than their ages. The writing, as others have said, is too much of the "tell" variety as opposed to the "show".This is the highest number of "great" reviews I have ever seen for such a lacklustre book. Oh dear.

  • A great book filled with fantasy and magical experiences of three young children. My 10 year old grandson loved the book commenting as he turned practically every page. With much excitement in his voice and in his actions as he continued to read. He could hardly wait to read the next chapter to unveil the many secrets of the book. We both thoroughly enjoyed the book. He has even recommended it to one of his teachers. Will there be a sequel????

  • One of the things I really liked about this book is how the author has made the characters very believable with the typical contention that goes on among siblings. This was a very quick and quite enjoyable.

  • Read this in less than 24 hours and really enjoyed it. A light, fun read that is extremely well written in a way that brings both the characters and the town of Finkleton to life!

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