The Polar Bear Scientists

The Polar Bear Scientists Follow scientists as they scan the Alaskan wilderness for these magnificent creatures It is springtime on the North Slope of Alaska and the U S Geological Survey team the polar bear biologists Kristi

  • Title: The Polar Bear Scientists
  • Author: Peter Lourie
  • ISBN: 9780547283050
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Follow scientists as they scan the Alaskan wilderness for these magnificent creatures.It is springtime on the North Slope of Alaska, and the U.S Geological Survey team the polar bear biologists Kristin Simac and Mike Lockhart is gearing up for polar bear capturing During a capture, all information is collected on the sea ice The scientists locate bears from a helicopterFollow scientists as they scan the Alaskan wilderness for these magnificent creatures.It is springtime on the North Slope of Alaska, and the U.S Geological Survey team the polar bear biologists Kristin Simac and Mike Lockhart is gearing up for polar bear capturing During a capture, all information is collected on the sea ice The scientists locate bears from a helicopter, tranquilize them, give them tattoo ID numbers and tags, and collect data such as height, weight, and body fat measurements and samples such as blood, hair, feces, and even teeth All this information goes into a large database studied by scientists such as Drs Steven Amstrup and George Durner, the former and current leaders of the Polar Bear Research Project For than forty five years, scientists have been capturing bears in order to get information What has this information been telling scientists about polar bears and global warming

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    Peter Lourie Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Polar Bear Scientists book, this is one of the most wanted Peter Lourie author readers around the world.


  • I love the Scientists in the Field series because it examines the work of scientists in various locales. In this case, the focus happens to be an area that has received quite a lot of attention recently--the polar bears in the Arctic. Once the mother bears emerge from their dens with their cubs in the spring, the United States Geological Survey Team emerges from its home base to locate polar bears by helicopter. After tranquilizing, capturing, and then releasing them once samples have been taken [...]

  • Summary: This Scientist in the Field book follows scientists from The Polar Bear Research Project in their research where polar bears are captured in the field, examined, tagged and released back into the wild. Evaluation: The book is a detailed account of the work that scientists are doing with polar bears in the wild. Through the process, scientists are able to take measurements and biological samples, as well as track the animals with the use of radio collars. The book is very detailed about [...]

  • Summary: The Polar Bear Scientistcontains an abundant amount of information pertaining to how researchers study the polar bears and the environments the polar bears live in. The book also gives information about how polar bears live and their means of survival and protection of cubs.Evaluation:I believe this book is an informational one, especially for middle to old elementary school students. It also provides a glossary and index which will allow the students to identify certain aspects of the [...]

  • When I was a kid, books about adult occupations were uniformly-sized (because some publishers produced series) with pen-and-ink illustrations, and strove to make working as a mailman or a major league baseball player equally desirable.The Polar Bear Scientists is created for a generation that expects glossy paper, lots of color photographs, and infographics (because there's always gonna be some kid or US president who can't tolerate actual words). The author follows Polar Bear Research Project w [...]

  • I like that this study only watches bears and takes notes, so there's no harm to the bears. It makes it more kid friendly. Love the use of pictures throughout the book.

  • The life of a polar bear scientist. The polar bears themselves. Alaska. In his recent presentation about adventure writing, Peter Laurie emphasized that appeal of his career lies in the information he learns, the people he meet, and the places he visits. The same holds true for me in my reading of his nonfiction text, Polar Bear Scientists.What most fascinates and impresses me about the life of a polar bear scientist is the capture. First, the scientists travel by helicopter along the coast, fol [...]

  • Junior Book Critique #19The Polar Bear ScientistsBy: Peter Lourie1. Junior Book Genre: Informational 2. Brief Summary: The Polar Bear Scientists deeply describes the methods, processes, data collection techniques, reasons, and details of the scientists that tirelessly research, track and catalog Polar Bears in the Arctic. While profoundly detailing the methods of the scientists themselves this informational book also provides a plethora of facts about Polar Bears that can be found in the Arctic. [...]

  • Scientists in the Field SeriesGenre – Informational (Junior Book)Summary:How do scientists study the extraordinary species, the polar bear? Find out the techniques that scientists use each year to chart and collect data from polar bears. The polar bear species is being faced with a new danger of global warming. Learn how this may affect the habitat and life of the polar bears.A) Information/ContentB) The book contains an abundance of information about polar bears that most people do not know a [...]

  • Peter Lourie follows around a group of scientists in northern Alaska as they catch and release polar bears to gather information on these creatures used in many scientific studies, primarily to determine the current population size and health and also the affects on them of the decrease in ice in the region in recent years.This Scientists in the Field book does a great job of portraying realistically how much boring and tedious work scientists have to do between the really exciting bits. Lourie [...]

  • Summary:Follows the expedition of scientists as they set out to tag and take samples from polar bears. The book then describes how the information is stored in a shared database to further inform scientists about polar bears and global warming.Evaluation:Stunning full-page pictures of polar bears and the scientists will appeal to students, however, the text is a bit dry and cumbersome for elementary aged students.Teacher Recommendation:On the shelf for student selected reading, or part of a text [...]

  • Ever wanted to study polar bears? Read in this book all about what it means to be a Polar Bear Scientist- what a normal day is like, what information you gather, and how it applies to the rest of the world. While this book has lots of polar bears in it, the main focus is the scientists and what they do and how they interact with the polar bears. There is lots of information about the scientists, and some basic information on polar bears, but not in depth information on polar bears and their live [...]

  • The photos in this book are amazing. The bears seem like they are really looking at the camera and, therefore, the reader.And wow. The effort that is going in to studying these bears. The capture season is full of HARD work hunting, tagging, measuring, weighing, and sampling. Then entering all the data into a computer. Then analyzing all that data.That said, I have a hard time believing that 5th graders would come close to finishing this book. I may still get one copy, just for the photos and th [...]

  • Category: Lit Cirlce 5Source: KimmelMy group came to the conclusion that this set of books would be awesome to use in our classrooms one day. I only rated this book a 3/5 because I do not think that the pictures included in the book were all appropriate for elementary school children. However, this book is extremely informational and would be great to use for a classroom project. The pictures and charts within the story really helped the reader understand the reaserch that the scientist were doi [...]

  • If you want to learn about the science behind gathering data on polar bears then this is the book for you! Follow a group of scientists as they go out into the wilds of Alaska to tag and gather information about Polar Bears. There is a lot of science behind what they do and you will be amazed at the amount of data they collect!

  • This book makes people aware of the horrible effects of global warming on polar bears; I just wish there was a less invasive why to study them. The polar bears are scared and cornered with helicopters, darted with chemical sedatives, have fat samples punched out, teeth extracted, lips tattooed, etc etc and are finally posed for half-drugged pictures.

  • Get an up-close look at how field researchers gather data on polar bears. This data helped inform the decision that made this a threatened species. Lots of pictures of the researchers in action, which is very cool. Packed with tons of great information.

  • Another deserving entry in the Scientists in the Field series. This time the scientists are gather biological information for the database at the USGS Polar Bear Project.

  • I just love this series! Gorgeous full-color photographs of these amazingly beautiful animals and scientists in action coupled with a cogent, vibrant text equals a winner.

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