Wink Murder

Wink Murder A psychological suspense novel from a debut author that will have you asking How well do you know the people you re closest to

  • Title: Wink Murder
  • Author: Ali Knight
  • ISBN: 9781444715354
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • A psychological suspense novel from a debut author that will have you asking How well do you know the people you re closest to

    • Wink Murder : Ali Knight
      310 Ali Knight
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  • Ali Knight

    I m the author of four psychological thriller novels , the latest, The Silent Ones, is out in paperback on January 28th My other books are Wink Murder, named by The Independent as One of their best commercial reads of 2011 The First Cut, One of the top ten crime books to take on holiday, according to The Telegraph and Until Death, A gripping read, The Sunday Mirror.I love reading and writing and getting feedback from readers I live in London with my husband, kids and a psychotic cat Photo Rankin Photography


  • I've read this book in manuscript, before publication and liked it a lot True psychological suspense When you love and trust your hubby, and suddenly you start to think: "What if he IS the murderer?" And you don't feel comfortable anymore I tried to find a publisher but without results Watch for this author Good debut novel

  • Kate Forman has an enviable life; a loving family and perfect husband, Paul. But one night she finds Paul drunk and covered in blood, mumbling about having killed something – or someone. When a young attractive woman who works for Paul is found murdered, Kate’s suspicions about what he has really done send her on an increasingly desperate search for the truth that threatens to demolish her carefully constructed life.Kate is the narrator of this story, and we follow her plight as she finds he [...]

  • Wink Murder is a party game or parlour game in which a secretly-selected player is able to "kill" others by winking at them, while the surviving players try to identify the killer. The game is also variously known as Killer, Murder in the Dark… ()Kate seems to have it all a great husband and family, a job that she loves. One night she finds Paul, her husband, drunk, on the floor, crying that he's killed something -- or someone -- and his hands are covered in blood.The next morning, he says it [...]

  • I enjoyed this book. I read it intensely over one weekend and the pages kept turning. The characters and motivations are plausible, the thought processes and dialogue real, the writing well crafted. It has enough murder, suspense, action and psychological thriller material - not to mention some fast driving and some bat-swinging action- to make a great film. But what stands out is the main character, Kate.To a part-time working mum like me Kate Foreman is oddly familiar in a "holding the mirror [...]

  • Wink Murder - a game you play sitting in a circle with a bunch of people. One person leaves the room (the guesser) as the remainder choose the wink murderer. Once the guesser comes back into the room, they try to figure out, with limited guesses, who the killer is. And the murderer kills off people by winking at them. I'd completely forgotten about this game, and even as I read the title of the book I still hadn't recalled its meaning. So, I still don't know if it was a dog that Paul killed that [...]

  • I read a proof copy of this book which was given to me by a friend at Hodder. I was intrigued by the premise straight away - how well do you really know those closest to you? Could you suspect your own husband of murder? Would you be able to tell if he was guilty or not? This was a pacy read with lots of twists and turns. I was totally gripped. Recommended.

  • I won this in a giveaway and it was pretty good I'm rating 3.5★ enjoyable to read and good characters even if you're not sure if you like them or not, I had no idea how it was going to end, I'll be reading more by Ali knight

  • WINK MURDER is the debut book from ex-journalist and sub-editor Ali Knight. Given that the book is set within the cut-throat and odd world of tabloid television, perhaps her background has informed the way that the world of the media (albeit she worked in print) works. There was so much about the run down and the early part of this book that didn't appeal, I wasn't at all sure I'd be able to get to the end of it. The high-flying husband returning late at night, drunk, covered in blood, muttering [...]

  • Je ne sais plus qui tu es d'Ali Knight est un roman publié aux Editions Jc Lattès de 427 pages et au prix attractif de 12,50€. C'est un format demi-poche, avec pas mal de narration dedans. Difficile de déterminer un genre par contre. Nous avons un mélange de roman contemporain et de policier. Notre personnage principal est une femme, Kate Forman. Mère de deux enfants, épouse d'un homme idéal, épanouie dans son métier elle mène une vie idyllique. Pourtant, elle n'est pas totalement pa [...]

  • Wink Murder is a story of murder, betrayal, trust and tension. Kate Forman has a great life; two children, a big house and a handsome husband Paul. Paul owns a TV production company which he is in the process of selling for big money. Kate works part time in TV too - their lives are full of celebrity parties and glamour. One night Paul arrives home in the early hours of the morning, he appears drunk, he is sobbing and he is covered in blood. Kate's world is turned upside down when the body of a [...]

  • “Wink Murder” - an intriguing title just begging to be read. Picking up the book I wasn’t sure what to expect given Wink Murder is Ali Knight’s debut novel – don’t you love titles like that? I purposely opted not to read the press copy that accompanied the book, relying solely on the book cover and title to hook me in. Have no fear; Wink Murder isn’t a weak reference to some kinky murder or Doctor Who’s “whatever you do don’t blink” episode – I’d like to say it’s a si [...]

  • We'd all like to believe that we trust our loved ones implicitly but if your spouse came home shaking, covered in blood, with a story that didn't quite add up, could you banish your doubts automatically? Ali Knight sets out such a scenario in Wink Murder when Kate's husband Paul arrives home in a mess, claiming to have hit a dog. When his colleague is found dead, Kate's suspicions kick into overdrive.Wink Murder is a well executed thriller that keeps you guessing throughout. I found both Kate an [...]

  • Wow, I LOVED this book. It kept me so hooked that I read most of it over several hours, and then couldn't wait to get back to it later in the day.Kate Forman's life is turned upside down when her successful and loving husband returns home drunk, covered in blood and lamenting that he has killed someone. Kate's character is analytical and complex, and she's not satisfied with his explanation the next day that he ran over a dog. She starts to dig further for the truth, and matters take a more sini [...]

  • I was disappointed with this book as i had thought it was going to be a good read from reviews i had seen on it but No I have to say in my own personal opinion it was an average read. the book started out with Kate a married woman who's life is thrown into turmoil one night when her husband comes home late drunk and in an emotional state. The first few chapters were slow and sluggish and after that it would have been very easy to skip a few chapters but I persisted and then the plot seems to get [...]

  • Excellent first novel which alludes to the children's game by the same name and has the tag line: "How well do you know the person you're married to?"The book races alone and at times you feel it is perhaps owes a wink to The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. How much of what Kate is relating can be trusted and what do we really know about these events?.The tension builds, but the incompetence of the Police investigation finally annoys you to the point that the end can't come soon enough.Promising start [...]

  • Ein super Buch!! Ich liebe es! Der Anfang ist spannend und man wird neugirieg wer wirklich der Mörder ist. Immer wieder dreht sich diese Vermutung und ich tippe auf jemanden anderes. Den wahren Mörder hätte ICH niemals herausgefunden und so war ich ziemlich überrascht als ich es gelesen habe. Der Mittelteil war manchmal etwas zu langatmig oder es war zu viel "Fernsehzeug" aber gegen Ende wurde es super interessant. Obwohl ich den Fenstersprung 3x gelesen habe und mir noch immer nicht vorstel [...]

  • I picked this book up becasue I loved the titlefeeble I know!Kate has a perfect life. Gorgeous kids, hubby and house. Great job. Good friends. One night the perfect husband comes home covered in blood and claiming he killer 'her'. The next morning, he says he ran over a dogter on it transpires an acquaintance has been murdered.The pace is constant through out the bookbut I'll be honest, at the end I'm still not entirely sure who did it!

  • I so wish we had half stars as this didn't quite make it as a 4 star but 3 seems a bit mean. There were parts that I though were really great and others parts where it just got a bit silly. I didn't really care for the main characters. It's maybe one of those books that on a different day in a different mood I would have rated higher but I just felt there was some thing missing.

  • Ratings are good. I can remember us playing Wink Murder when we were kids. Can't exactly recall whether we used to call it Wink Murder or something else. However, let's see how interesting the book is gonna be.

  • Gripping, well-written but let down with a frankly ridiculous ending and a totally implausible murderer. I did enjoy it though and will definitely look out for Ali Knight's next book.

  • Main protagonist drove me crazy she was such a conspiracy theorist but story line was good and twists while not unexpected were cleverly crafted.

  • Not one I picked for myself but a Christmas gift from my sister, Becky. I really enjoyed this - an excellent thriller with good pacing which kept the reader guessing right to the very end.

  • Read this book because I wanted to get into crime/thrillers. Awful. Poorly written and a very uninteresting plot, was tempted to stop reading but persevered regretfully.

  • I am torn between giving 3 or 4 stars to this as parts were great and others parts just OK. Worth a read though but I don't think it will stay in my mind very long!

  • Two stars may be a slightly harsh rating for this book, because I did find it very readable. The story was compelling, if slightly too fantastical towards the end, and I got through it very quickly. Unfortunately, I found the majority of the characters to be incredibly unlikeable and this made it hard to be invested on any emotional level. I was often annoyed at Kate, the main character, who seemed far more concerned that her husband might of cheated on her than her growing suspicion that he is [...]

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