Allegiance Enemies and friends Reeling from the shocking discovery of Rodney McKay s fate Colonel Sheppard and his team retreat to Atlantis to regroup With Rodney not only in the hands of the Wraith but appare

  • Title: Allegiance
  • Author: Melissa Scott Amy Griswold
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Enemies and friends Reeling from the shocking discovery of Rodney McKay s fate, Colonel Sheppard and his team retreat to Atlantis to regroup With Rodney not only in the hands of the Wraith, but apparently working for them, Atlantis faces a new danger their own man, turned against them.While Zelenka and Colonel Carter work frantically to crack the security protocols McKaEnemies and friends Reeling from the shocking discovery of Rodney McKay s fate, Colonel Sheppard and his team retreat to Atlantis to regroup With Rodney not only in the hands of the Wraith, but apparently working for them, Atlantis faces a new danger their own man, turned against them.While Zelenka and Colonel Carter work frantically to crack the security protocols McKay embedded in Atlantis s computer system, Ronan revisits his past and finds much is changing on Sateda Meanwhile, Queen Death prepares to make use of her most valuable prisoner with Rodney still unaware of his true identity, the fate of Atlantis hangs in the balance Set after the TV series exciting finale, STARGATE ATLANTIS Allegiance is book three of the gripping new Legacy series.

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  • Melissa Scott Amy Griswold

    Scott studied history at Harvard College and Brandeis University, and earned her PhD in comparative history She published her first novel in 1984, and has since written some two dozen science fiction and fantasy works, including three co authored with her partner, Lisa A Barnett.Scott s work is known for the elaborate and well constructed settings While many of her protagonists are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered, this is perfectly integrated into the rest of the story and is rarely a major focus of the story Shadow Man, alone among Scott s works, focuses explicitly on issues of sexuality and gender.She won the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in Science Fiction in 1986, and has won several Lambda Literary Awards.In addition to writing, Scott also teaches writing, offering classes via her website and publishing a writing guide.Scott lived with her partner, author Lisa A Barnett, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for 27 years, until the latter s death of breast cancer on May 2, 2006.


  • The Stargate Atlantis Legacy series seems to be following the same trend as the recent Star Wars multi-author, multi-book series; by that I mean there is perhaps enough main story for about three books and the rest is padded with filler material and similar situations that repeat themselves time and again through the books without any real resolution. Which is a sad situation because the best scenes in ALLEGIENCE were those that moved the plot on to the next book; unfortunately, those scenes wer [...]

  • After their failed attempt to rescue Rodney from the Wraith, the team is back in Atlantis dealing with the fallout from their discovery about what has happened to him and what to do about the fact that with their Chief Scientist working for the enemy, the city and everyone in it is at risk. In addition, Ronon finds out that some of his people have returned to Sateda, trying to rebuild what they can - and that the Genii are once again causing trouble.The different storylines flow together well as [...]

  • I enjoyed seeing all my favorite characters again, and they were well-drawn, but they needed more to do. This book felt like mostly build-up to the next book, with lots of waiting. The one, surprisingly large development that did happen was remarkably subtle, and I thought, "Wait, was that " and a few chapters later it was quietly mentioned again. Interesting, and I can't wait to read more. A little more pizzazz and less pensiveness would be nice though.

  • It wad great That’s more that I reading this series books realize this stargate Altantis stand up for it self and have action and live as stargate series of books I would recommend to anyone who loved stargate or not

  • While I enjoyed the book, and have enjoyed the Legacy series overall, I still find I'm disappointed in some of the aspects of the book and what the authors are choosing to focus on. Because at times this felt more like fanfiction than a companion book the TV series. My biggest peeve is how characters and their relationships are portrayed, Teyla and John are one example of this and the hint at the book of "something more" than just teammates. While I think its essential to explore the relationshi [...]

  • Reviewing the Legacy series is tricky, I was fortunate I read it well after the fact but was totally unaware of the major plot points but I never went looking for reviews either.So here we go, Allegiance is the third novel in the series and Rodney is still very much missing and unaware he is helping to bring down his friends and family in Pegasus and after the failure of the first retrieval mission things look bleak. Atlantis greets some old and new friends from Earth but before anyone can get s [...]

  • This is the third in a series and it’s necessary to have read the others before reading this one. That being said, the action picks up right where we left off in book two. I won’t go into plot at all, but one of the great things about this series is it’s written by people who know the series. I have read all the tie-ins for this show and out of all of the books these characterizations are some of the best. It really feels like an episode of the show. As much as my inner fan is thrilled to [...]

  • I enjoyed this third outing in the Legacy series of Stargate Atlantis novels. It wasn't quite as good as the first two, maybe because the main author, Jo Graham, didn't write this one, but she co-authored the first two.It's hard to review a book mid-series and avoid spoilers. Super hard! The plot centers around the search for Dr. McKay, the defense of Atlantis against the Wraith queen Death, and the continued drama of the IOA trying to interfere in the affairs of Atlantis. I felt like this book [...]

  • I really like this series. I enjoyed most of this book. It did slow down a bit in the middle, for me. Then it picked up again. I love how the authors are bringing back in the old background characters and showing what happened to them. I'd always wondered what happened to Sora.The expansion of the Wraith culture is really good. I like it. And it does seem very logical since they had to have a very detailed culture that the show never went into.The hints of Romance? Well, I don't mind. They did k [...]

  • While reading this series it became very clear that this was the script for the next season of the show before it got cancelled. It's a shame because there are a couple of really cool story arches that I'd like to learn where they go. Unfortunately trying to read this is like being in hell. I'll probably give these books another try at some point because I loved the show so much, but only for that reason.

  • The Legacy saga continues. This time they go to Ronan's homeworld and get involved with the Genii. The homeworld was interesting but I wonder why Ronan has never mentioned an Ancients Museum before, you would have thought it could have come in useful before now. McKay is still a wrath, and his descriptions of Atlantis are quite fun. A good read.

  • I enjoyed this book but find it difficult to review now, only because having read the legacy series I can't remember where one finishes and the next one began. I am not generally a sci-fi reader but because I know these characters it is easier for me to read. I do feel like it's just building up to the next one and I am looking forward to reading it!

  • Some really good spots, but a lot of OC set-up and throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Atlantis to set up the cliffhanger for the rest of the series of books. I hope the rest of the Legacy series lives up to the build-up. I liked Coming Home and The Lost enough to keep reading.

  • Great book, and riveting story. My only frustration is that they leave the story unfinished - AGAIN! I can understand this in a series, but this has been going on now for three books. Finish it already! Plus there is no date for next one

  • Some great parts, some boring parts. I gave 4 stars to the first two books and this one was just as good in many ways. However the cliffhanger ending reminds me how I dislike long series. Prefer a single good novel or trilogy at most. No reason this story line couldn't have been wrapped up.

  • Great Read!! Loved it. With these novels ending in cliffhangers, true fans that really miss the Stargate Universe have no choice but to purchase the next book in the series, which is not a complaint! Great Job

  • An excellent third installment and I can't wait for the fourth, hopefully the wait won't be as long.I just finished reading this book for the second time and it was still a great read.

  • I just have to say one thing - where are the Asgaard beam weapons? This novel takes place after the final season ended yet it almost seems like an episode from season 2 - doesn't make sense.

  • its hard to write a review 3 books into a series of 6 without spoilers so all i will say is bring on book 4 lovin em

  • Clearly a middle book in the series - the events mainly just forwarded the overall plot, with virtually no emotional hook to them. Decent as a narrative, but forgettable overall.

  • Great space battles, intrigue, the struggle to rememberAtlantis and Rodney kept me on the edge of my seat!

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