Cat Tale

Cat Tale From word to word they find their way Lillian Tilly and William J Like this They spot some ewes They use a box They box some fleas And flee a steer First they see then they do The only thing miss

  • Title: Cat Tale
  • Author: MichaelHall
  • ISBN: 9780061915161
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From word to word they find their way, Lillian, Tilly, and William J.Like this They spot some ewes.They use a box.They box some fleas.And flee a steer .First they see, then they do.The only thing missing You Come join the fun.Meow Michael Hall s inquisitive cats set out to spend the afternoon snacking and reading, but wind up chasing words, including homophones and hoFrom word to word they find their way, Lillian, Tilly, and William J.Like this They spot some ewes.They use a box.They box some fleas.And flee a steer .First they see, then they do.The only thing missing You Come join the fun.Meow Michael Hall s inquisitive cats set out to spend the afternoon snacking and reading, but wind up chasing words, including homophones and homonyms, on a silly tongue twister of an adventure

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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name Michael Hall is the creator of the nationally best selling picture book My Heart Is Like a Zoo, as well as the acclaimed Perfect Square He is the co owner and principal designer at Hall Kelley, Inc and lives with his family in Minnesota.


  • When we are old and gray and the stars gleam a little less brightly in the wide firmament above our heads, I have no doubt that there will STILL be children’s librarians out there debating the merits (or lack thereof) of picture books designed with older child readers in mind. To bring this subject up is akin to throwing a lit match on diesel soaked tinder, but what the heck. You see, walk into any decent library and you’ll find a picture book section teaming with fantastic 32-48 page titles [...]

  • Richie’s Picks: CAT TALE by Michael Hall, Greenwillow, August 2012, 40p ISBN: 978-0-06-191516-1Herman Munster: “That lady welder and I are just friends. Just because I’m a welder, you know, doesn’t mean I’m carrying a torch for her.” --The Munsters (1965)“They pack some books and kitty chews.They choose a spot.They spot some ewes.They use a box to hide from bees.They do their best to box some fleas…”CAT TALE is the best looking, best reading children’s book employing (and the [...]

  • (Props to Rae H. for sharing this book in a Project Smyles meeting!)Sometimes a book's pictures are really great. Sometimes a book's words are clever, interesting, and fun with great rhythm and rhyme. Every now and then, a book comes along that combines all of these elements to work well on so many levels that it truly stands out, and this is one of them.Three cats go through their day, meeting a variety of animals and doing a variety of actions. The illustrations from paper cutouts are boldly g [...]

  • This book is fabulous! It is school shelf worthy. :) With illustrations that are similar in method to Eric Carle this book is vibrant and full of color and while it is attractive, the absolute best part is the text. The story is fun, but it is the word play. The jump between appearance, sound and meaning keeps you guessing and brings on the intriguing. I love it an I will have to get a real copy, this is one I know I plan to use again and again for our grammar/language arts type lessons. I'm com [...]

  • Text: 4 starsIllustrations: 5 starsAn exploration of homophones by three adorable cats on a quest, armed with books and kitty snacks (shaped like mice of course). As always, Michael Hall's illustrations are a visual treat. But the text gets too derailed on the middle page spread (following the introduction of the gnu). It does get back on track (love the cat tails) and ends with a satisfying conclusion. The word play has a nice rhythm to it, proving Hall's word manipulation skills rival his rema [...]

  • I really like this book. It's cute and clever. But I cannot put my finger on just what age group would benefit most from reading it. It has the look of a PreK-1st grade book, but most of it would fly right over those kids' head so fast it would leave their hair all pointing one direction. I'm thinking it needs to land in the upper elementary Language Arts classroom square in the middle of discussions on homophones. Some of the homophones that appear here (which are presented in a straightforward [...]

  • Cat Tale by Michael Hall is about three cats who go on an adventure, have a run in with homophones and find themselves scrambled and confused. Lillian, Tilly and William J begin their day with a picnic but along the way: They use a box. They box some fleas. And flee a steer.You can see where this is going. The further they go, the more and whackier the homophones they encounter become. Hall's brightly colored pictures illustrate the homophones, helping early readers master some of the oddities o [...]

  • I liked this clever picture book! A humorous, energetic read-aloud (warning: practice first!) with bold, acrylic-painted illustrations combined digitally with geometrically-shaped animals somewhat reminiscent of Eric Carle’s artwork, cats Lillian, Tilly, and William J. quickly draw readers into their linguistic romp. Their trail follows a rhyming, twisty, imaginative trail of homophones and homonyms which includes such catchy word-plays as “… pack some books and kitty chews choose a spot [...]

  • This book would be a perfect story-time pick for older children for its entertainment factor - bright colors, adventures, and fun words. The rolling text carries you through the exciting and confusing lyrical adventures of three cats. Even better, this tale could be used for language classes - teaching synonyms, antonyms, homophones, etc. The richness of this story makes it a fun read for adults, too! It's an all-around stellar book!

  • This is a humorous tale that uses a string of homophones to weave a silly story. The narrative is short and fun to read aloud and the illustrations are colorful and very angular. Overall, I was worried that our girls would consider this book too 'babyish', but they really liked it and we actually read it twice in row, to more fully appreciate the word play.

  • Michael Hall has done it again. His illustrations are engaging and colorful. This rhyming story has readers thinking about the text, which include homophones and homonyms. This would be a wonderful addition to a word study unit.

  • I love the play on words, especially the mix up :-). The simple colors and paint stroke illustrations are playful too.

  • What's not to love? Cats, check. Homonyms, check. Word play, check. Vibrant illustrations, check. Big smile on my face, check!

  • This is a great book to help children find words. This introduces words in small chunks and makes a hilarious story out of it. This book can be used as a good word recognition lesson.

  • Word play and cats - what could be a better combination? Michael Hall produces yet another fantastic book for children!

  • Fun book that looks at homophones. May be a better choice for older children. The illustrations are entertaining and engaging.

  • A fun romp through a world of homophones in bright bold colors made brighter from the white space of the illustrations. Wonderful illustrations constructed in the collage technique. I actually thought this was going to be just another cat story. WOW I was wrong.

  • 10/26/2017 ** Light-hearted word play. The pattern of homophones from one page to the next was fascinating. This is definitely a book that will help younger readers learn new meanings for familiar words.

  • The content of this book is entirely homonyms. It is not a bad book. Kids could benefit from discussion about how the book is set up and how homonyms work. However, it's a bit too confusing for storytime and I'm not crazy about the art style.

  • The story is rhyming and easy lyrics to read in a sing song voice, but I though that some of the references used in the story would be above the knowledge of a young child.

  • Lillian, Tillie, and William J. find out that simple words aren't always simple. Very cool little book, with wonderfully bright pictures.

  • Cat tale or cat tail? Play on words likely escaped three-years old's understanding but still fun. Bright and lively illustrations.

  • Every library trip I check out some picture books. Yes, I'm 47, and my girls are both too old to even look at the new picture book shelves. Which is why I always do. There is always something intriguing to me, and, once these books get to the house and casually piled up somewhere, they intrigue the daughters as well.This is an outstanding example of picture book kid-bait. The illustrations are simple and gorgeous: saturated color and boxy and two-dimensional figures and that disarmingly simple l [...]

  • Rachel and Layla don't really know what to think of Michael Hall's .On one hand, it was a fun read for Rachel. The story follows three cats throughout their day with some really fun play on words They use a box to hide from bees. They do their best to box some fleas. They flee a steer. They steer a plane. They plane a board. They board a train. Layla didn't get it, but let's face it. Not everything is about her.However, half way through the book, the cat start to confuse their words:And we can't [...]

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