Il Demone del Té

Il Demone del T Il ladro Eric Devon vuole una sola cosa che la gente lo lasci in pace E forse dell altro whisky Finch un misterioso sconosciuto gli offre un lavoro cos pericoloso che nessuno l ha mai accettato ed sop

  • Title: Il Demone del Té
  • Author: Cornelia Grey
  • ISBN: 9781613728581
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook
  • Il ladro Eric Devon vuole una sola cosa che la gente lo lasci in pace E forse dell altro whisky Finch un misterioso sconosciuto gli offre un lavoro cos pericoloso che nessuno l ha mai accettato ed sopravvissuto per raccontarlo recuperare un preziosissimo oggetto dall inespugnabile palazzo dei Mercanti Tartaruga Intrigato dall uomo e dalla sfida, Eric accetta ma loIl ladro Eric Devon vuole una sola cosa che la gente lo lasci in pace E forse dell altro whisky Finch un misterioso sconosciuto gli offre un lavoro cos pericoloso che nessuno l ha mai accettato ed sopravvissuto per raccontarlo recuperare un preziosissimo oggetto dall inespugnabile palazzo dei Mercanti Tartaruga Intrigato dall uomo e dalla sfida, Eric accetta ma lo sconosciuto altri non che il leggendario capitano di navi volanti conosciuto come il Demone del T , terrore del Mare di Nuvole Eric deve escogitare il piano migliore della storia se vuole completare il lavoro e riuscire a sopravvivere.

    • Il Demone del Té by Cornelia Grey
      308 Cornelia Grey
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  • Cornelia Grey

    Cornelia Grey is a creative writing student fresh out of university, with a penchant for fine arts and the blues Born and raised in the hills of Northern Italy, where she collected her share of poetry and narrative prizes, she is now based in London, and she is thoroughly enjoying the cultural melting pot that is the City.Her interests vary from painting to photography, from sewing to acting when writing, she favors curious, surreal poems and short stories involving handsome young men seducing each other After graduating with top grades, she is now busy with internships literary agencies, publishing houses, and creative departments handling book series, among others She also works as a freelance translator.You can contact Cornelia at corneliagrey yahoo.


  • Wow, this book feels like an adventure of Aladdin, straight from 1001 Arabian nights mythology. There are thrilling adventures and romance, as thief Eric Devon helps a stranger -- who turns out to be an infamous airship captain, Jonathan Tea or is well-known as "Tea Demon" -- to retrieve a priceless object. Their first meeting is sensual (love the bet, and the outcome of the bet) follows by action (bar fight!). Then there is hot love-making on the airship. Then, the whole planning and getting th [...]

  • 4-4,5 starsLough-out-loud funny and smutty fantasy/steampunk short storyo short! More from these characters and their world,please!

  • A delightful and clever little story full of fun and mischief that had me smiling the entire way through. Set in a steampunk world of flying ships, pirates and cloud towers, this 50 page story is action-packed from the moment Eric the thief meets Jonathan the Tea Demon. Fine writing, terrific characters, and an actual plot!

  • 3.5 starsSteampunk short story with a nod to Pratchett's turtle. Never read any steam punk before.I liked this very much. Liked the characters, world building and the story itself. Ms Grey was able to give due attention to all these, not an easy feat in a short story. A good mixture of action, banter and heat.

  • This steampunkish fantasy story begins in an electrifying way. Semi-retired professional thief Eric is approached by a stranger in a bar who wants him to steal something for him. After a passionate kiss followed by a bar brawl, Eric accepts and is amazed to discover that he's working for the notorious Tea Demon, scourge of the skies.This story is a sort of humourous pastiche of pirate/steampunk stories and as such is a little light on some of the details that fans of steampunk usually enjoy. The [...]

  • 4.25 starsEric Devon is a thief who is drowning his boredom and lack of purpose in liquor. That is, until he is offered a job by Jonathan Tea a.k.a. The Tea Demon, the legendary pirate – "a fearless warrior whose rage could only be quenched by a cup of the finest tea". The fact that he is attracted to the man and that no one has ever succeeded in stealing from the Turtle Merchants and lived to tell the tale only makes Tea's offer more attractive.For such a short story, The Tea Demon has a lot [...]

  • Questa novella breve è davvero molto carina. È riuscita a catturarmi grazie a delle caratterizzazioni interessanti, delle ottime descrizioni – sia degli ambienti sia delle attività varie – e per il mistero che avvolge la trama: cosa sarà questo fantomatico oggetto prezioso?Eric e Jonathan mi hanno conquistata con il loro mix di spavalderia e coraggio, mescolati a piccoli momenti di eccentricità che li rendono degli adorabili ragazzacci. E, non da meno, sotto le lenzuola fanno scintille! [...]

  • 3.5 rounded up.Funny short steampunk story about a blusterer thief and a moody sexy airship captain. Hot steamy kiss scene at the beginning. I love kisses!Lots of action, although packed in a few pages, and playful flashes.Don't be fooled by the cover: apparently it's the 'stock' one that Dreamspinner Press uses for all short stories (ugly and totally unrelated to the plot).

  • I didn't see this coming! A LOT packed into this fun, action/adventure, hot, short steampunk story. Hilarious! Great little pick me up.

  • bianchianita1971/2Questo racconto non è molto lungo ma riesce ad essere comunque completo, avvincente ed emozionante. I protagonisti sono entrambi molto particolari: un ladro in crisi esistenziale ed un misterioso capitano pirata che nasconde diverse sorprese. Sarà proprio la proposta impossibile del bel pirata a scuotere Eric dalla sua apatia, e sarà proprio Eric a "salvare" Il Demone del Tè dai suoi momenti bui.L'ambientazione è particolarissima e ben caratterizzata, ma ciò che mi ha mag [...]

  • I hate short stories. I really do. They simply never feel quite finished, always rushed, never enough time spent developing characters. Or, at least, I hated short stories till I read some by Cornelia Grey. Obviously, I've just been reading the wrong things.This was the most brilliant bit of steam-punk, pirate and thief filled insanity that I've ever read. It's the third short story by Grey I've read, and I still haven't figured out how she does it. It's not long, but the characters are brillian [...]

  • This review can be found at Brief Encounters Reviews.This was recently reviewed over at Well Read, but I refrained from reading the review to keep my perspective fresh. Although I typed “steampunk” in the genre, my first impressions were of a rather Victorian inn, with bandits on the road as the coaches with the rich roll by, and criminals hanging out in seedy bars. Which is more or less the case, but once our two protagonists meet, you then get a taste for the real world, which is definitel [...]

  • Pirates and thieves and treasure abound in this short fun story. It’s quasi steampunk with just enough details to set the story in that genre but not enough to really delve into the setting or satisfy die hard fans. The Tea Demon works despite this lack of detail because the real focus is on the men and their entertaining relationship with a backdrop of rather humorous and far-fetched hijinks. The writing and Grey’s style is what I like the most. The story is enjoyable and short enough that [...]

  • OverallThe way this story was written reminds me of The Princess Bride (the movie), as it is a mostly serious tale told in a mostly serious manner that pokes at the cliches because it can. A thief and a pirate airship captain get into a bar brawl with classic choreography, share a kiss, and meet the humorous crew. This story is fun without being too silly, although some may find the tropes a little too much. I thought everything was well handled; a refreshing taste of something different.Strengt [...]

  • Cornelia Grey layers a fantastical world with steampunk details in this entertaining romp of a story. The Tea Demon mixed whimsy with sexiness and adventure to create a lively story well worth the read.Never one to shy away from the gritty details, Ms Grey starts us in a seedy bar, where a thief can be found for a fearsome job. A mysterious stranger approaches Eric Devon for a caper, but first has to challenge him into taking the job. The forfeit? A kiss that curls Eric's toes, and the caper? St [...]

  • The Tea Demon was light and funny, something that caught me unaware but pleasantly surprised. The sci-fi/futuristic story of a dashing Captain of a pirate spaceshift/galleon hiring a intergalactic thief to retrieve a prized possession seemed somewhat old. I was of course expecting for the dashing captain, Jonathan, to be an imposing and dominant character, and of course for the thief, Eric, to be a somewhat submissive character, a level below the captain in the “romance” hierarchy.I was comp [...]

  • Una storia che avrebbe meritato qualche pagina in più. In 56 pagine si avverte un po' troppo la mancanza di approfondimento.Ci sono molti elementi che stuzzicano l'immaginazione del lettore, dalle navi che solcano i cieli alle tartarughe volanti (dato che ho da poco finito di leggere Il colore della magia, non ho potuto fare a meno di pensare al Mondo Disco di Terry Pratchett!). Così come ci sono elementi di simpatia, come il terribile capitano pirata che si scioglie di fronte ad una tazza di [...]

  • Think of the movie Stardust based on the book by Neil Gaiman. Think of the cloud Pirates. Take out the Star, add a lusty thief. There you have it.

  • (Riguardo la prima edizione)Sinceramente mi aspettavo qualcosa di diverso Ambientazione descritta malissimo o quasi del tutto assente, per capire che parlavamo di un mondo "steampunk" sono dovuta arrivare a metà del racconto.I personaggi sono assolutamente delle macchiette, non sono descritti, hanno un carattere stereotipato e non si sa niente di loro né del loro passato. Non si sa perché il capitano abbia quegli strani poteri, poi il finale è assolutamete ridicolo a mio parere, tutta questa [...]

  • **Grammar**Eric is a thief and he is the best. After years of doing always this job he decided to take a stop and is chilling in a bar, until a man in search of his skills arrives near his table. Eric declines the job and moves to another table, far and half in the dark. There he meets a stranger, a sexy and smug stranger that attracts his attention. The stranger too offers him a job, to steal a thing. Eric wants to decline, bcs is tired of being a thief, but something tells him he wants to know [...]

  • 2.4 starsbrief response to a very brief book (mild spoilers):The Tea Demon is a longer short story (30 pages of text rather than the advertised 52, in the case of my epub file) that unfortunately does not live up to its delightful premise and raucous first pages. A couple of humorous twists (mostly involving tea) and cheeky references (giant flying turtle) suggest that the author may indeed have been consciously aiming toward what I surmised in my initial positive reaction - gloriously cheesy m/ [...]

  • "Sapeva di fumo e zucchero e tè dolce."E' il primo m/m che leggo di un'autrice italiana ed è un vero peccato che sia così breve, perché è stata una lettura bella e originale e con un centinaio di pagine in più sarebbe uscita una storia fantastica! ;D Ci troviamo in un mondo simil-steampunk, dove le navi solcano i cieli, i demoni possono essere placati con una tazza di buon tè e i cattivi vivono in palazzi costruiti su gusci di gigantesche tartarughe volanti! XD Ed è tutto questo che si t [...]

  • Clever and well written short story, a touch of steampunk, a pinch of fantasy, and a sprinkling of the Arabian Knights.

  • 3 e 1/2 Un libro carino e molto scorrevole l'unica peccato troppo poco sviluppato ma comunque una lettura leggera e poco impegnativa.

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