Unseen Moon

Unseen Moon Ghosts in a mansion A home invasion A group of friends haunted by a murder An unlikely friendship a dead body in an abandoned house A girl falling to her death and another falling into the viewless

  • Title: Unseen Moon
  • Author: Eliza Victoria
  • ISBN: 9781482539837
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ghosts in a mansion A home invasion A group of friends haunted by a murder An unlikely friendship, a dead body in an abandoned house A girl falling to her death, and another falling into the viewless darkness.Unseen Moon collects five suspenseful stories by award winning author Eliza Victoria.

    • Unseen Moon : Eliza Victoria
      457 Eliza Victoria
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  • Eliza Victoria

    Eliza Victoria is the author of several books including the National Book Award winning Dwellers 2014 , the novel Wounded Little Gods 2016 , and the graphic novel After Lambana 2016, with Mervin Malonzo Her fiction and poetry have appeared in several online and print publications, including Daily Science Fiction, Stone Telling, Room Magazine, Story Quarterly, The Pedestal Magazine, High Chair, and the Philippine Speculative Fiction anthologies Her work has won prizes in the Philippines top literary awards, including the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature and the Philippines Free Press Literary Awards She has also been nominated for the Philippines National Children s Book Awards Jeremy s Magic Well.


  • " the cold, cold tomb we laid your ashes, and wept, but could not weep enough"Originally posted here.Late last year, I picked up A Bottle of Storm Clouds: Stories and liked it so much that I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I would read Eliza Victoria’s works – she is such a talented and imaginative writer, judging from the way she wrote the stories that comprise Storm Clouds. And so when I won a signed(!) copy of her other compendium, Unseen Moon, from another book blogger’s giveaway, [...]

  • I got a digital copy of this anthology which contains only 4 stories instead of 5 which is the case with the print copy. I wanted to wait until I have the print copy but I was in the mood for some quick reads so I decided to just go ahead and read this. It has been a while since I last read an Eliza Victoria, anyway. Unlike A Bottle of Storm Clouds, I found the stories contained in Unseen Moon more eerie and haunting, and even though I am not easily scared of ghost stories, The Ghosts of Sinagta [...]

  • Original post from One More PageWhen Eliza Victoria sent me an email about sending a review copy of her newest book, I couldn't say no. Note that I'm not really a fan of dark fiction, or horror or suspense, but this is Eliza, guys. I read her stuff and liked it, even if they're not the usual things I go for. I'm not really one for scaring myself, but I make certain exceptions especially when the author just writes really, really well.Unseen Moon is Eliza's newest collection that contains several [...]

  • (Trigger warnings for scenes of sexual assault and violence.)Eliza Victoria is at her best when her stories unfold with an almost dispassionate reserve, the measured cadence of her sentences like a steady stride of a predator approaching. I like how this collection slowly coalesces into an examination of collective violence, delusion and hysteria, sometimes called folie a plusieurs. I was ambivalent about this theme when it emerged from the first story titled "Needle Rain," but slowly the notes [...]

  • What a great read!As a reader, story is important to me, but so is mood, setting, language and tone. Eliza's stories are creepy tales that are more than just simple horror stories because of her mastery of mood, setting, language and tone. Every story has murder, sociopathic characters and some horrifying acts, told in spare but beautiful prose. The standout here is Ghosts of Sinagtala, about a brother and a sister who inherit their grandparents' mansion in the province. The story is such a nest [...]

  • A collection of Horror Stories from Eliza Victoria, a brilliant and undeniably good Filipina Author, Unseen Moon is something that every Horror/Mystery/Crime fan must read. First in the collection is Needle Rain. A story of a barkada and how they try to uncover the mysteries of a murder that happened in their hometown. One of the most mysterious stories in the pack, this is a good way to build the tension and suspense that one should feel while reading the book. However, aside from being scary, [...]

  • The stories are fresh, set in an inverted world where young characters are somewhat sick, mad, diabolic or stupid. Murder was an effortless task -no fear of consequences, lawless/unconscientious. Younger people seemed stronger, wild and smarter than the adults. This book hated parents; they maybe away, missing or dead which might have cause these characters to see the world in an obtusely dark way. Crimes aren't fully resolved which juvenile offenders stay free at the end :-( Emotions are somewh [...]

  • It appears that Unseen Moon is published later than Lower Myths, but I feel like Unseen Moon isn't quite as tight as Eliza Victoria's other works? The best one I feel is 'Ghosts of Sinagtala' which has the best atmosphere and very visual. The others were good, but somehow I didn't really connect with them as much? A good read nevertheless.

  • As expected of Eliza Victoria, her stories are always well written. But in this collection, only two stories resonated with me---The Ghosts of Sinagtala and Needle Rain. I particularly love the way she writes horror and suspense and I hope to see more of that in her next work.

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