Morgen kommt ein neuer Himmel

Morgen kommt ein neuer Himmel Als Brett Jahre alt war hatte sie noch gro e Pl ne f r ihr Leben festgehalten auf einer Liste mit Lebenszielen Heute mit Jahren ist die Liste vergessen und Brett mit dem zufrieden was sie h

  • Title: Morgen kommt ein neuer Himmel
  • Author: Lori Nelson Spielman Andrea Fischer
  • ISBN: 9783810513304
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • Als Brett 14 Jahre alt war, hatte sie noch gro e Pl ne f r ihr Leben, festgehalten auf einer Liste mit Lebenszielen Heute, mit 34 Jahren, ist die Liste vergessen und Brett mit dem zufrieden, was sie hat einen Freund, einen Job, eine schicke Wohnung.Doch als ihre Mutter Elizabeth stirbt, taucht die Liste wieder auf Aus dem M lleimer gefischt, hat ihre Mutter die Liste auAls Brett 14 Jahre alt war, hatte sie noch gro e Pl ne f r ihr Leben, festgehalten auf einer Liste mit Lebenszielen Heute, mit 34 Jahren, ist die Liste vergessen und Brett mit dem zufrieden, was sie hat einen Freund, einen Job, eine schicke Wohnung.Doch als ihre Mutter Elizabeth stirbt, taucht die Liste wieder auf Aus dem M lleimer gefischt, hat ihre Mutter die Liste aufgehoben, und deren Erf llung zur Bedingung gemacht, damit Brett ihr Erbe erh lt und zwar innerhalb von 12 Monaten.Aber Brett ist nicht mehr das M dchen von damals Ein Baby bekommen Das hat sie schon lange ad acta gelegt Ein Pferd kaufen In ihrer Wohnung sind nicht mal Haustiere erlaubt Eine gute Beziehung zu ihrem Vater aufbauen Ha der ist seit sieben Jahren tot Sich verlieben Die einzig wahre, gro e Liebe gibt es doch nur im Film.Um sie bei der Erf llung ihrer Ziele zu unterst tzen, hat ihre Mutter Brett mehrere Briefe hinterlassen W tend, entt uscht und verletzt liest Brett den ersten Brief und ist berw ltigt von der liebevollen und f rsorglichen Nachricht ihrer Mutter, die gesp rt hat, dass Brett in ihrem Leben nicht gl cklich ist Die Briefe ihrer Mutter rufen Brett dazu auf, ihre Tr ume nicht aufzugeben und ihr Leben in die Hand zu nehmen denn nur sie selbst kann es ndernKann Elizabeth ihrer Tochter dabei helfen, sich selbst wiederzufinden

    • Morgen kommt ein neuer Himmel : Lori Nelson Spielman Andrea Fischer
      118 Lori Nelson Spielman Andrea Fischer
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    Lori Nelson Spielman lives in East Lansing, Michigan, with her husband and a very spoiled cat A former speech pathologist and guidance counselor, she currently works as a homebound teacher for inner city students Lori enjoys fitness running, traveling, and reading, though writing is her true passion She spends her winters cursing the god awful Michigan winters, and her summers sailing the glorious shores of Lake Michigan SWEET FORGIVENESS is Lori s second novel Her first, THE LIFE LIST, was an international bestseller.


  • I decided to pick The Life List for Romance month over at The Book Geek Blog. One of my best friends recommended this novel to me, saying she read it in one sitting and absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t say this is a bad book, but it’s most certainly not my book. Look at the following quotes:“Love is the one thing on which you should never compromise.”And “There will be another sky, my love, just you wait.”Now, if these are the kind of quotes that make you swoon and want to pick up a b [...]

  • Prvi dio života, jedna od najbitnijih osoba na cijelome svijetu je mama. A onda se stvar malo okrene i ti sama postaneš ta osoba koju slijepo obožavaš cijeli svoj život te sama postaneš majka. Za Brett, majčina smrt je kao smak svijeta, a kome i ne bi bila kada više nema osobe koju voliš svim srcem i koja ti toliko puno znači? No nad njom i dalje budno prati njena majka u obliku popisa želja koje je Brett sama napisala kao tinejđerica. Njena majka sada od nje traži da ostvari želj [...]

  • 5 stars is definitely not enough for this book. I wish I could give it 10!Most well written books offer enjoyable moments, clever dialogue, and an entertaining adventure for the reader. But a very special few of these books touch a reader's soul in a way that makes them look at life differently, in a way that makes them feel alive, and in a way that that book will be cherished on their bookshelf like an old photograph to be looked at, revisited, and thought of with fond memories – a book that [...]

  • (insert big sigh) What to write about this book? I wanted to like it. I did. I was curious enough to finish it, but barely. If I had been reading instead of listening, I know I would have turned to the back and read the last chapter when I was about a 1/4 of the way in. What's wrong with this book? * The idea of a life list is fun, and very current (just search it on Pinterest), but certainly not very original. * Spielman's similes are pretty good, but are so frequent that they become annoying. [...]

  • Ahh, this book was so adorable!! I was very emotional throughout the book. I cried and laughed. I felt just about every emotion there was to feel with this book. A must read!!

  • BELLEZA DE LIBRO, BELLEZA.Aún estoy conmocionado con la trama, tengo muchos sentimientos encontrados, drama, romance, diversión, tragedia, encuentros, amistades, hombres guapos, también patanes desgraciados, rameros inverecundos, etc. Y lo importante ver a los deseos como algo que nunca se debe de olvidar y ala imagen de la maternidad como lo más preciosos de este universoTOY FASCINADOOOOOOOO, LAS MEJORES ENSEÑANZAS DE LA VIDA TE DA ESTE LIBRO. SI PUDIERA PONERLE UN MILLÓN DE ESTRELLAS SE [...]

  • Knjiga Lori Nelson Spielman - 'Sve što sam željela' - bajkovita je, lijepo napisana i vrlo životna priča, koja i stilom i temom pomalo podsjeća na neke od najboljih ostvarenja Cecelije Ahern, ili pak Lise Jewell.Priča govori o Brett, mladoj ženi koja je upravo izgubila majku, s kojom je bila veoma bliska. Brettina je majka, kao i Brett i njezina dvojica braće, bila vrlo imućna žena, a također i uspješna direktorica jedne kozmetičke tvrtke, što je bio položaj koji je Brett smatrala [...]

  • **re-post of my review since it went missing for no apparent reason **“’ Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do something every day that scares you. “Continue to push yourself to do those things that scare you, darling. Take those risks and see where you land, for they are the very things that make this journey worthwhile.”’ Have you ever written a life list?Put down your wishes and dreams, from silly ones that seem crucial at that point, to the ones you think are far fetched but somehow s [...]

  • I just read a column in the Sunday NYT by Charles McGrath that completely explains why I finished this book despite the fact that the whole time I couldn't believe how bad the writing was. "That's the problem with fiction - or the charm, if you want. Even mediocre plots have a way of sinking their hooks into you, until you find yourself concerned for the fates of characters who aren't even fully convincing." As a real person Brett Bohlinger made a lot of mistaken assumptions about people and beh [...]

  • I truly loved this book. From the first page to the last page. It was like a breath of fresh air. Didn't want it to end and I kept reading and reading not wanting to put it down. Hard to believe this is the authors debut book. I will definitely be waiting patiently for her next book. Highly recommend!! Loved it!!!!

  • Fiction: This book doesn’t come out until summer 2013 but I was lucky enough to get an early copy. Chick Lit at it’s best! I devoured this one. A great heroine, a strange will, a seemingly impossible quest. The book has real heart.

  • 2.5Ne sjecam se kada sam zadnji put procitala knjigu koja u sebi ima sve moguce svjetske dogadjaje kojih se mozes sjetiti Osim rata Iako sam sigurna da je i to bilo negdje u pozadini :PGlavna likica mi je na momente isla i na zivce, tako da me sve to skupa na kraju nikako nije odusevilo.

  • I received this book from GoodReads First Reads To obtain her inheritance, Brett must complete the remaining ten items on her list of life goals that she wrote as a teenager - within a year! 1. Have a baby, maybe two2. Get a dog3. Stay friends with Carrie Newsomeforever! 4. Help poor people5. Have a really cool house6. Buy a horse7. Fall in love8. Perform live, on a super big stage9. Have a good relationship with my dad10. Be anawesometeacher!The Life Listis a must-read for every woman. We all b [...]

  • I should have known from the purplish cover and the flower, that this book was a chick lit book. I dove in bravely, ready for shallowness, and then I was somewhat surprised. THe plot is about a woman who loses her mother, who is her best friend to cancer. The mother leaves her other two children with their inheritances, but for the unfortunately named Brett, she must go through a list of things she wanted to accomplish in her life that she wrote as a child and do them all to get it. The story re [...]

  • Ich habe das Buch verschlungen! Das Ende hat mich jedoch (trotz oder wegen der Wendung) etwas enttäuscht, deshalb muss ich leider ein Sternchen abziehen. Die Message dahinter fand ich so schön, und ich musste das Buch oft aus der Hand legen und über das Gelesene nachdenken.

  • Without a doubt, this book is a powerful work of fiction, stirring a bittersweet brew of emotions in its reader. Beautifully written, it tells a poignant story of a mother-daughter love transcending death. At least on the surface, it does, but when you dig deeper, you realize that something doesn’t jibe. Although at first glance, the book’s vibrations seem authentic, beneath the cosmetic layer, falsehood resides. The novel starts, when Brett’s beloved mother, Elizabeth, dies from cancer. S [...]

  • 3,5Gostei mas o outro da autora é bem melhor. Este tem muitas personagens que não interessam muito para a história e a Brett nem ficou com quem eu queria! :(----()Talvez a decisão de ter lido este livro logo após a te acabado o outro da autora, não tenha sido a mais acertada. E porquê? Porque achei os livros muito semelhantes. Apesar deste ser o primeiro livro que a autora escreveu, o que senti durante a leitura foi um deja-vu, pois achei tudo muito semelhante. Ou seja, mesma fórmula só [...]

  • Zabavna, lagana, red sentimentalnosti, red humora, malo životnih mudrosti, malo tuge, u konačnici optimistično i pozitivno. Nedostajalo mi je ipak nešto što bi ovaj roman izdvojilo iz mora sličnih koje sam čitala. Najbolje je opisano na koricama - radi se o kombinaciji duha romana Cecelije Ahern, one njene bajkovitosti i nerealnosti koju ipak nekako uspije napraviti stvarnom, kao i Jojo Moyes, njenih drama vješto kombinovanih sa humorom i u teškim životnim situacijama. Ova autorica ipa [...]

  • I reviewed this book for WKAR's radio show Current State. You can listen to the review here (wkar/post/book-review-lori) or read belowI never liked the book description “Women’s Fiction.”It is the literary equivalent of the pink aisle in toy stores, no boys allowed. The funny thing is I have yet to see a book described as Men’s Fiction, but I am assuming it would involve fast cars, loose women, and a lot of laser guns.I can’t help but think that this idea of women’s fiction is based [...]

  • Actually, I don't know what I should say about this book to do it a justice, because in my opinion it was a wonderful book. I read a lot, really, but it is only from time to time that I find a book that I love so much from the very beginning to the very end and which captures my attention and has me so hooked. I have actually stayed almost the whole night yesterday to finish it, I couldn't put it down.It is a beautiful story. It has beautiful characters, it has beautiful plot. It's funny - I lau [...]

  • Dvije stvari odmah da vam kažem u glavu: Svijetu treba više ovakvih knjiga kao što je "Sve što sam željela", i gdje je ova knjiga bila prije u mome životu? Između mene i nje se rodila ljubav od prve stranice i trajala je sve do samog kraja, kad smo se u suzama rastale. Kao i uvijek, neću puno o sadržaju (pronađite ga sami), ja ću samo o epitetima kojih sam puna nakon pročitanoga. Dakle ova knjiga je prekrasna, topla i posebna. Ne znam jesam li subjektivNa, pošto se radnja knjige baz [...]

  • Lori has made her parents very proud. It is hard not to boast about her accomplishments. I have read many books, and this one rates right up there with the best. Right from the beginning, it caught my interest and held it all the way through until the very end. I can't say enough about "The Life List". I know everyone will enjoy this book, and highly recommend as a good read.

  • I so enjoyed this book! The Life List captures the spirit of remembering what was once important to you and not letting fear stand in the way of completing one's goals. Thirty-four-year-old Brett Bohlinger has received this very gift from her late mother. According to her mother's will, in order for Brett to receive any inheritance she must complete a life list she made and discarded at age fourteen. Her mother apparently found the list long ago and has been marking off the items as Brett inadve [...]

  • Dudaba entre tres y cuatro estrellas, así que supongo que en realidad lo puntuaría con 3 estrellas y 1/2."Mi lista de deseos" es una novela sobre el miedo que da luchar por lo que quieres de verdad en la vida y lo fácil que es acomodarse en un entorno agradable y tranquilo aunque este no sea lo que queremos en el fondo de nuestro corazón. En esta línea me ha recordado a novelas como "Como, reza, ama" o "Bajo el sol de la Toscana". En este caso, el detonador que obliga a Brett, la protagonis [...]

  • I seem to be in the minority in that I thought this book was just ok.After her mother passes away, protagonist 34 yr old Brett, must complete a "life list" she created as a 12yr old before she can collect her inheritance.I loved the premise of the story, but I think the fact that Brett blamed everything on her mother, and did not stand up for herself kept me from really enjoying the book. She seemed to go back & forth from a strong confident woman to a whiny no-backbone wimp. Even though I t [...]

  • Et voilà, je me suis couchée tard pour terminer ce livre parfait ! J'ai été emportée par ce roman feel good et ça fait un bien fou de ne pas compter ses heures de lecture, d'avoir le cœur qui bat au rythme des aventures des personnages, d'avoir hâte de découvrir chaque nouveau chapitre. Une très belle aventure avec Brett et sa mère ! Je lirai avec plaisir d'autres livres de cette auteur !

  • This book may let me won the award for the most eye-rolling through a single book.I really feel the need to apologize, but I connected like zero percent with this book. I was not a fan of Brett, who was whiny and immature all the time. I know that she was grieving but she was also 34 years old. I don’t speak about how she “managed” the death of her mother but every other single part of her live. Tbh, she behaved like a spoiled, superficial brat. The people she let be in her life were jerks [...]

  • Si algo ha logrado Ediciones Urano, es que me salga totalmente de mi zona de comfort y lo disfrute. Primero que nada, quiero que observen bien la portada y se enamoren conmigo ¿no es preciosa? Amo esos colores pastel, además de que las letras están en relieve y se siente agradable al tacto. Por la simple estética se antoja leer el libro, pero no se dejen engañar, es bonito por fuera como lo es por dentro.El libro es narrado en primera persona por Brett, una chica que desde la cuna lo tuvo t [...]

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