نزهة في فناء البيت الأبيض

  • Title: نزهة في فناء البيت الأبيض
  • Author: Patricia Highsmith باتريشيا هايسمث علي مدن
  • ISBN: 9789948200932
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
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    • نزهة في فناء البيت الأبيض by Patricia Highsmith باتريشيا هايسمث علي مدن
      495 Patricia Highsmith باتريشيا هايسمث علي مدن
    • thumbnail Title: نزهة في فناء البيت الأبيض by Patricia Highsmith باتريشيا هايسمث علي مدن
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  • Patricia Highsmith باتريشيا هايسمث علي مدن

    Patricia Highsmith was an American novelist who is known mainly for her psychological crime thrillers which have led to than two dozen film adaptations over the years She lived with her grandmother, mother and later step father her mother divorced her natural father six months before Patsy was born and married Stanley Highsmith in Fort Worth before moving with her parents to New York in 1927 but returned to live with her grandmother for a year in 1933 Returning to her parents in New York, she attended public schools in New York City and later graduated from Barnard College in 1942 Shortly after graduation her short story The Heroine was published in the Harper s Bazaar magazine and it was selected as one of the 22 best stories that appeared in American magazines in 1945 and it won the O Henry award for short stories in 1946 She continued to write short stories, many of them comic book stories, and regularly earned herself a weekly 55 pay check During this period of her life she lived variously in New York and Mexico.Her first suspense novel Strangers on a Train published in 1950 was an immediate success with public and critics alike The novel has been adapted for the screen three times, most notably by Alfred Hitchcock in 1951 In 1955 her anti hero Tom Ripley appeared in the splendid The Talented Mr Ripley , a book that was awarded the Grand Prix de Litterature Policiere as the best foreign mystery novel translated into French in 1957 This book, too, has been the subject of a number of film versions Ripley appeared again in Ripley Under Ground in 1970, in Ripley s Game in 1974, The boy who Followed Ripley in 1980 and in Ripley Under Water in 1991.Along with her acclaimed series about Ripley, she wrote 22 novels and eight short story collections plus many other short stories, often macabre, satirical or tinged with black humour She also wrote one novel, non mystery, under the name Claire Morgan, plus a work of non fiction Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction and a co written book of children s verse, Miranda the Panda Is on the Veranda.She latterly lived in England and France and was popular in England than in her native United States Her novel Deep Water , 1957, was called by the Sunday Times one of the most brilliant analyses of psychosis in America and Julian Symons once wrote of her Miss Highsmith is the writer who fuses character and plot most successfully the most important crime novelist at present in practice In addition, Michael Dirda observed Europeans honoured her as a psychological novelist, part of an existentialist tradition represented by her own favorite writers, in particular Dostoevsky, Conrad, Kafka, Gide, and Camus She died of leukemia in Locarno, Switzerland on 4 February 1995 and her last novel, Small g a Summer Idyll , was published posthumously a month later.Gerry WolstenholmeJuly 2010


  • Η πρώτη μου επαφή με τη συγγραφέα μόνο θετικά δείγματα μου έχει δώσει. Πολύ σύγχρονη γραφή και τρόπος σκέψεις. Ιστορίες διδακτικές. Πολύ ενδιαφέρουσες!!

  • When reading Patricia Highsmith, I always expect her stories to have some sort of point. Is the story about cockroaches in a luxury apartment building about the idle rich getting their comeuppance? Is the story about homeless people picnicking on the White House lawn advocating the institutionalization of the homeless? Surely, in a few more pages, the story will take some twist to make it clearer where she's going with this. But instead, the story just ends naturally and inconclusively. There is [...]

  • Not a very good collection of short stories. None of them were engaging or pulled me in. I found myself thinking that this must have been a compilation of previously unpublished stories that weren't worth including in other collections.

  • القصص ليست قصيرة، بل طويلةمباشرة في السردلاذعة وجريئة في طرح فكرة مواضيعهاكأنك تقرأ قصة في ثوب روائي مليئة بالتفاصيل ولكنها أيضا غير مملةأنصح بقراءته

  • An interesting collection of bizarre short tales from a skilled yet tortured writer in her later years, better-known as the author of The Talented Mr Ripley. Every one of these stories follows poor judgement, misunderstanding, mixed with a heavy dollop of stupidity - and gleefully describes the disastrous outcome. Clever satires, they lurk on the edge of our tenuous reality, making us wonder if any of these tales could actually take place. There is little by way of dialogue, but that doesn't see [...]

  • A pretty low quality collection of tales. The first one, about mysterious excrescences growing in an Austrian cemetery, was about on the level of the horror stories I wrote when I was fourteen. In tone and style, these remind me of Roald Dahl. The one I liked best was about a corrupt west African nation expecting a visit from a U.N. watchdog group - but first they have to kill all the homeless people and burn their bodies, spiff up the Presidential Palace for their visitors, and try to get rid o [...]

  • Trash Highsmith. She’s capable of sooo much better. But kind of enjoyable. Leftist horror stories, creepy and compelling, with various bad people coming to bad ends: whalers, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, feckless UN officials, corrupt nuclear regulators, New York realtors, and other high status lowlifes. And the prose, atmosphere, pacing: impeccable. So I dug it.

  • athina984/2016/09/12/isΟ Τομ Ρίπλεϊ δεν είναι ο μοναδικός αμοραλιστής ήρωας της Πατρίσια Χάισμιθ. Στις “Ιστορίες φυσικών και αφύσικων καταστροφών” η διάσημη Αμερικανίδα συγγραφέας μας συστήνει ήρωες που δρουν με καιροσκοπισμό, με απληστία και με απίστευτη ελαφρότητα θέτοντας σε κ [...]

  • A 1987 story collection--so, later work by Highsmith, who started her career with Strangers on a Train in the 1950s, I think. Highsmith was a sharp, complicated, mean, angry, misanthropic, fearful, unhappy writer. other things. Her takes on the Zeitgeist fears of the 1980s--everything from the trend of putting old people into retirement homes, to conspicuous consumption in high-rise office towers, to the ultimate 80's fear of nuclear annihilation at the cavalier whim of a cowboy president--are p [...]

  • Si estas cansado de los finales felices este libro es para vos. Todo puede salir mal (o por lo menos, no tan bien).La autora se maneja con cierto grado de "improbabilidad" en cada relato de este libro, por ejemplo: una mujer que vive hasta los 210 años, una invasión de cucarachas en un edificio de lujo, un hombre encerrado en una cámara de desechos nucleares, etc. Con esto, saca al lector de su plano de la "realidad", pero no tanto, solo lo suficiente para que veamos que la catástrofe esta a [...]

  • 3.5If you loathe your fellow human beings and enjoy watching them meet terrible ends, all while having your suspicions of their vileness confirmed, this is your book.  If you're a writer, it will read like every barely disguised revenge story you've promised to write after a slight.  Someone here describes her prose as utterly uncaring. A good description, yes, but not a valid criticism. You either like Pat or you don't. But she'll never like you.

  • Τόσες ιστορίες και η κάθε μία ένα μικρό λαμπερό διαμάντι! Υπέροχο και συναρπαστικό ανάγνωσμα!

  • Πρόκειται για μία συλλογή δέκα διηγημάτων, το κάθε ένα από το οποία αποτελεί μία μοναδική και ανατριχιαστική ανάγνωση της πραγματικότητας. Σε κάθε ένα από τα διηγήματα, στα οποία ξεχωρίζει μια καυστικά χιουμοριστική διάθεση, επιχειρείται αποτελεσματικά ένα βαθύτατα πολι [...]

  • An awesome collection of Highsmith short stories, almost as good as The Animal Lover's Guide to Beastly Murder. So many great gems: Giant cockroaches invade an elite, luxury apt. highrise building in "Trouble at Jade Towers"; following a pain-induced epiphany, the pope goes renegade and shakes up Catholicism and the world by embracing liberation theology and women's reproductive rights in "Sixtus VI, Pope of the Red Slipper"; unionizing surrogate mothers and the religious right face off in "Rent [...]

  • I really have a love/hate relationship with Patricia Highsmith. And I feel like it's mostly hate, but sometimes I am drawn to her work. Writing about something usually makes me like it better, and that's what happened for me with "The Mysterious Cemetery," which is a really cool short story. That's one of the instances where her utterly uncaring narrative voice and lack of resolution work really well. Other times not so much - you're really just reading for the images of six inch cockroaches and [...]

  • Although I am not a friend of short stories (they seem to end before they have actually started), this is the second book with short stories by Patricia Highsmith I have read.I did not like all of them; and the one with the liberated patience from the mental homes and the other with the cockroaches I liked best. The Pope with the red slippers isn't bad either and I really wonder where she got all her ideas from. No wonder the book is called "Tales of the Natural and Unnatural" where in my eyes t [...]

  • Her last stories collection published during her lifetime. Highsmith has written better in the past in the short story section. But, this book needs to be read to remember her nice dark humour which is a lot of fun to read. 10 tales and to be 8 of them are very good. My favorites are: The Mysterious Cementary, Panic at the Jade Towers. President Buck is a good tale too. The last one, a story about the apocalypse. I love her humour and story telling technic. This book is the last testimony of it. [...]

  • This is an odd little collection of stories written towards the end of Patricia Highsmith's life. Not her best work, but still worth a read. The best stories borrow from the conventions of horror: "The Mysterious Cemetery", about a science experiment gone wrong; "Moby Dick II", which retells the clash from the perspective of the whale; and "Operation Balsalm", about Three Mile Island. The weaker ones are too preachy for my taste ("Rent-a-Womb" and "Sixtus VI").

  • I’m a sucker for Patricia Highsmith, but this was the first of her non-Ripley books I’ve read. These gloomy short stories are all about beginnings – Highsmith constructs a nightmarish or upsetting scenario, lets the consequences play out for a handful of pages… and then stops abruptly, apparently uninterested in conclusions.

  • I think this was a weird Highsmith to start on. But I liked it. Especially the first story about the ones that combined an eerie, mysterious menace with dark magical realism. The cemetery growths, the unrelenting roaches, the awful nuclear waste stored under a college football stadium. I was into it.

  • Stories with an agenda, sure, but I don't see the problem with that. It's still Patricia Highsmith, and although it certainly isn't her best work she still gets the characters and their motives and delusions painfully right almost every time.

  • Short stories with an agenda. I'm guessing this was not the best book to read to get an introduction to Highsmith.

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