Whiteout Life on the run is no winter picnic especially when Aurora s partner sees himself as the sheriff not the outlaw It s a cat and mouse game across the Last Frontier with agents and vampires out for re

  • Title: Whiteout
  • Author: Nikki Jefford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Life on the run is no winter picnic, especially when Aurora s partner sees himself as the sheriff, not the outlaw.It s a cat and mouse game across the Last Frontier with agents and vampires out for revenge.Aurora has never fought so hard to stay alive, even as each day takes her further away from Fane Will they ever be reunited Or is Aurora destined to remain in Alaska wLife on the run is no winter picnic, especially when Aurora s partner sees himself as the sheriff, not the outlaw.It s a cat and mouse game across the Last Frontier with agents and vampires out for revenge.Aurora has never fought so hard to stay alive, even as each day takes her further away from Fane Will they ever be reunited Or is Aurora destined to remain in Alaska with Dante forever Don t miss Whiteout s release day Sign up for an email reminder via the url below nikkijefford7st manage.c

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    Nikki Jefford is a third generation Alaskan now living in the Pacific Northwest She is the author of the Wolf Hollow Shifters series, Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter series, and Spellbound Trilogy Books, travel, TV series, hiking, writing and motorcycle riding are her favorite escapes.Stay in the new release loop by joining Nikki s email list nikkijefford


  • 3.5 "New Directions?" Stars for the Story and 5 Stars for Em Eldridge's Narration/4 Stars for Sean Peck's Narration.Please note this is book 5 of an UF series that must be read in sequential order. If you have not started this series yet, please see my review for Book 1, Aurora Sky, as the below review contains spoilers for the prior books.For those of you who have been following this series, you know that it is our generation's audiobook equivalent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with some interest [...]

  • I received Whiteout in return for an honest review from the author. Whiteout is the 5th installment in the Aurora Sky series taking off just after the end of the fourth book. Dante and Aurora are on the run hunted by Melcher as well as vampires both determined to capture the hunters. Now Dante and Aurora are working with Giselle to help her get Jared after what he did to her as well as Melcher. While they are hiding out in the wilderness Fane is trying to tracker her down knowing she’s on the [...]

  • I Love this series, and really like the new direction this series took. I can't wait to read the finale, but have to wait so darn long This book is a great continuance to this great series I have been reading from the start.I dont want to say much on the story as it can spoil alot for those who had not started the series yet.Check it out if you like paranormal books like I do. Aurora Sky is a great character too.

  • I'm sad to report that I've lost all interest in this series and I won't be continuing onto book #6. I skimmed through the last 40% of this book because I couldn't take anymore of the monotony of Aurora, Dante and Camille (is that even her name, I can't recall and I just read the ending last night) moving from hide out to hide out. IMHO the most interesting part of this story is Aurora and Fane's relationship, but the author keeps them apart for the majority of the story - bad decision, if you a [...]

  • I bought this book in a gift shop in Seward, Alaska. I am a blogger @ The Paranormal Bookshelf. This review is mine and has no bias for the author. Category: Paranormal romance (young adult)Genre: vampires4 out of 5 stars!I have loved this series so far. The only reason this book did not get the full 5 stars was because it was a little slow and redundant at times. I did enjoy how she gave Fane's point of view and gave some more in depth build up of his character. There is also a steamy scene in [...]

  • I cannot wait to find out how this ends. I am in a reading challenge and cannot read the last one yet, but I am dying to.

  • My original Whiteout audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Whiteout by Nikki Jefford is the fifth novel in a series called Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter. Aurora Sky, her somewhat partner Dante, and an icy foe-turned-ally vampire Giselle are on the run in frozen Alaska. After getting away from a dangerous enemy vampire and uncovering that the clandestine agency that Dante and Aurora work for is corrupt, they fled, unsure of who was on their side. Dante wants to clean th [...]

  • What can I say about the 5th book in a series that I fell in love with from the very beginning? Whiteout continues the action packed story of Aurora Sky, once again leaving me dying to find out what will happen next. I’ve read each book in the series way too fast and was always bummed when I finished because I knew I would have to wait to find out what happens next. That’s the problem with this series. You get sucked in at the beginning and just can’t put it down because you HAVE to know w [...]

  • First thing is the cover is beautiful and I love that she represented Aurora, Fane as well as Dante on the front cover since they all played big roles in this book. To be honest I never understood what Aurora or anyone else liked about Fane until now. Nikki added Fane's POV to this book and it really helped me understand who Fane is. His POV helped show his true feelings for Aurora and of course how he feels about Dante and Aurora's relationship. Aurora has some crazy feelings coming out for cer [...]

  • This series is very consistent. Consistently good, over-detailed, full of sexual tension, love triangle-y and has a unfinished feeling ending.

  • Aurora and Dante are on the run from Jared and the agency, teaming up with the Vampire who wants Jared dead even more than them. Joss has been kidnapped by the agency, and Fane is doing everything he can to get Joss and Aurora back. I'm holding out my main criticism until I finish the last book.but for now I can say it was a good change to have the point of view of Fane. I am also dying to get to know more of Fane's family! Please let us have a Pre-Aurora book with Fane and Joss! I know we had a [...]

  • This book was full of twists! Be prepared for lots of Dante and Gisselle. Dante lets his true colors show and you see him as he is when not tiptoeing around Aurora. However, Fane surprised me. He changed everything in this installment. I didn't see any of that coming. Overall-Awesome! Five glittery stars!

  • Another great book Another great book in this series. I Can't wait to read the next book. Action, escape, recapture,romance. Something for everyone.

  • As usual, Nikki Jefford delivers a truly inspiring masterpiece. A word of warning to readers, hers IS a series of books best read chronologically, one really needs to start with the beginning and dedicate themselves to following this exhilarating journey with so many unanticipated twists and turns; Nikki keeps you guessing, but she also creates a diverse and complex character group so evolved that the reader finds themselves drawn to not one and not two, but several of these intoxicating individ [...]

  • a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveTitle: WhiteoutSeries: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter (#5)Author: Nikki JeffordFrom: Genre: Urban FantasyRelease Date: 14th October 2014Challenges: Summer COYER 2016, 2016 Read the Books You Buy, 2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)Links: - Synopsis (from ): Life on the run is no winter picnic, especially when Aurora’s partner sees himself as the sheriff, not the outlaw. It’s a cat and mouse game across the Last Frontier with agents and vampires out for [...]

  • Whiteout is another fast paced addition to this series, although I'm sad to say I didn't like it quite as much as previous books. Aurora and Dante have been reunited, but now they're on the run. They can't let the agency catch up to them or they're dead, but that doesn't mean they can't take out a few evil vampires along the way. Meanwhile, Fane has infiltrated the agency and is doing everything to track down Aurora. That's only the first step though, because Jared is still out there somewhere.I [...]

  • ARC received in exchange for an honest review from authorEveryone has their own version on vampires. Do they sparkle? Burn? Dust? But in this book, a single wound that could kill a human could kill a vampire. For example, a gunshot wound. But they do have the advantage of healing if they drink blood.I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of vampires and more of a shifter fan. But Nikki Jefford definitely surprised me by having me actually intrigued by this book. I will say that I am a bit embarrasse [...]

  • I'm not sure how to properly write this review. As a whole, I enjoyed Whiteout more than the other books. I feel like Ms. Jefford has gotten better with each book. Her lines are snappy and I found myself chuckling alongside Aurora and Dante for most of the book. However, I'm starting to feel a bit of Twilight syndrome over the whole Dante/Aurora/Fane thing. I find myself wanting to root for Dante even though he stands virtually no chance. Especially in this book.I also kept waiting for the other [...]

  • Blurb~Life on the run is no winter picnic, especially when Aurora’s partner sees himself as the sheriff, not the outlaw.It’s a cat and mouse game across the Last Frontier with agents and vampires out for revenge.Aurora has never fought so hard to stay alive, even as each day takes her further away from Fane. Will they ever be reunited? Or is Aurora destined to remain in Alaska with Dante forever?My ThoughtsSo we start this book off with life on the run, struggling day to day life without lux [...]

  • Whiteout (Aurora Sky vampire hunter, vol 5OMG what a damn book one left in the series and what a cliffhanger to leave us with this one, this series does get better and better the more you read

  • Another amazing book by Nikki Jefford: “Whiteout”, book five of the Aurora Sky Series. Aurora and Dante are on the run both hunting vampires and being hunted by the Agency and “Just” Jared. Their relationship has taken a turn in a new direction which they have to adapt to which is awkward for them at first. Giselle is with them which is crazy in a whole new level; especially since she kidnapped Dante in the first place. In this book I actually start liking Giselle a little bit. I loved F [...]

  • I love this series! Nikki Jefford has done it again. Whiteout has a perfect balance of action, suspense, romance, and mystery. You never know what's going to happen, and just when you get a thread of an idea, the whole thing unravels with a shocking surprise! I absolutely loved one particular part of the book, not to spoil, but something I've been waiting on since book one finally happens and it's perfect. I'm actually really happy with the way it played out. Dante continues to annoy me in this [...]

  • OkayI disappointing 4th book. this wasn't my favourite book it was long drawn out and pointless. Trying to kill Jared and him getting away AGAIN is getting really boring and tedious at this point of the story. I did enjoy reading Fane's POV however Aurora annoyed me in this book. She isn't the tough girl first thought to believe. She has the skill set, a knife and gun but still needs a man to save her. not my scene. If I hadn't have read the reviews for the next and final book I definitely would [...]

  • Whiteout is the 5th book in the Aurora Sky : Vampire Hunter series. Aurora story continue she is on the run with Dante they don't have it easy and they need to stay alive. I like to see the two of them spending time together even if they keep arguing for most of the time but they make me laugh and they also are two young Vampires with cravings. I love to see Fane POV to know how much he love Aurora and what he think about Dante. Make me want to know more about Fane, about is background about is [...]

  • I won a copy of this book in giveaways.To begin with, I was at a disadvantage in that this book is in the middle of the Aurora Sky series and I had read none of the previous books. However, the story started at a slow pace and I was able to pick up the gist of the plot without too much trouble. I did have some problem with identifying and defining the roles of the characters but that fell into place as I read along.As I said, the story seemed to drag a little in the beginning but it revved up a [...]

  • Although a bit slow moving at first, this is my favorite book in the series so far. Aurora has grown so much as a character and that growth is very much in the forefront here.After a month on the run with Dante and Giselle, Aurora is at wit's end. She's tired of running, of sleeping bags and the cold. Even though the agency is out to catch and kill them, Dante still wants to make pit stops to take out bad vampires, risking them getting caught.Meanwhile, Fane, as a last resort to get Aurora back, [...]

  • Whiteout for vampiresThis episode of Aurora Sky was AMAZING!! I loved Fane's POV to her disappearance. That was a nice little treat. Aurora, Dante and Giselle take off in the wilderness of Alaska, and let me tell you, there's A LOT of that in The Last Frontier. They are on the run from a government agency they can't trust, rogue vampires and Jared, a force in his own mind. What will happen to 2 vampire hunters and a hundreds years old vampire out in the Alaskan wilderness, in the dead of winter [...]

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