Leben und Verbrechen des Harry Lavender

Leben und Verbrechen des Harry Lavender Beim Aufwachen zwischen leerer Whiskyflasche und vollem Aschenbecher wei Claudia Valentine oft nicht mehr wie der h bsche Blonde in ihrem Bett eigentlich hei t Wohl aber glaubt sie zu wissen da beim

  • Title: Leben und Verbrechen des Harry Lavender
  • Author: Marele Day
  • ISBN: 9783886195503
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beim Aufwachen zwischen leerer Whiskyflasche und vollem Aschenbecher wei Claudia Valentine oft nicht mehr, wie der h bsche Blonde in ihrem Bett eigentlich hei t Wohl aber glaubt sie zu wissen, da beim Tod des Schriftstellers Mark Bannister mehr im Spiel gewesen sein mu als das technische Versagen eines Herzschrittmachers.

    • Leben und Verbrechen des Harry Lavender by Marele Day
      386 Marele Day
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    Day was born in Sydney, and grew up in Pagewood, an industrial suburb She attended Sydney Girls High School and Sydney Teachers College and in 1973 obtained a degree from Sydney University She has worked as a patent searcher and as a researcher and has also taught in elementary school during the 1980s.Her Claudia Valentine series features a feminist Sydney based private investigator but her breakthrough novel was Lambs of God which was a departure from the crime genre and features two nuns battling to save the island on which they live from developers it became a bestseller.She lives on the New South Wales North coast.Marele Day s four book Claudia Valentine series has become a minor classic in Australian crime writing, but her Lambs of God 1998 was even highly acclaimed as an original and provocative literary work, published in the US by Riverhead and in the UK by Sceptre Her most recent novel was Mrs Cook, a rich portrayal of the life of a woman whose passion and intellect matched that of her celebrated husband.


  • I took a creative course taught by the author, and found it utterly dull. Giving her the benefit of the doubt (after all, some people aren't born teachers), I picked up this book at the library. My doubts about her writing weren't completely unfounded. The writing style is clunky at best, with overly descriptive passages about nothing in particular. Having met the author, I would say the main character takes too much from her to be really original, and she (Valentine) seems to be a shapeless ama [...]

  • As soon as I read the first line I put the book down:I woke up feeling like death. Ironically appropriate, given what the day held in store.EYE ROLL. The book is full of terrible one liners, often at the end of a chapter, that completely kill any mood Day was trying to create. Another example (this one at the beginning of a chapter)Someone had been in my room. Nothing was missing, nothing rearranged, but the smell was there, the smell of intrusion.EYE ROLL. Please. Other times a meaningless line [...]

  • ugh, australian. ugh, crime fiction. ugh, slang. i've never particularly been a fan of contemporary books, especially ones set in australia (so unpatriotic) and life and crimes is no exception to this.

  • I don't like this book. Maybe because our English teacher bore so many aspects of the book into our brains, but I don't think that's exactly the reason why I don't like it.The mystery (if you can even really call it a mystery) was really lame, in my opinion. The plot was too complicated, maybe because the book was full of computer/tech jargon, and the language as really hard to understand. Day also uses too much Australian slang (which I should know because I'm Australian, but don't) and that's [...]

  • Claudia Valentine is a private investigator who is asked to look into the death of the brother of an old school friend. The coroner proclaimed the death was not suspicious but a note with the words "terminal illness" was left for the sister and it got her wondering. Claudia follows the clues, the drugs and the computer trail through Harry Lavender's Sydney of the 1980s. Harry has his fingers in every pie - and not as an upstanding citizen.Claudia is both competent and paranoid but possibly not e [...]

  • An old school chum of Claudia's asks her to look into her brother's death. Supposedly a heart attack, she didn't believe it was so.Right away, things start to happen. A BMW keeps showing up wherever she goes, though it never seems to be following her. Then she discovers the directional device planted under the wheel well.A boy friend is killed, Claudia gets knocked around, an everyone seems to be looking for a book the brother was working on. "A bestseller!" Hre'd said, but no one can find a man [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Day's Delores Delgado , but found this - her first book - rough and jumpy, and oddly, trying to be a bit existential. OK, but it doesn't encourage me to read more by her.

  • I liked the book, unlike many others here. I love the way that Day described the city of Sydney throughout the novel. I enjoyed Day's writing style in general actually. I thought that the climax lacked a little oomf but otherwise it was an enjoyable and quick read.

  • Read in order to teach to year 12. As far as HSC texts go this is a very good one. The ending is a little formulaic and simplistic though.

  • I had to read this for school. I wasn't a fan of this. I didn't like the slang and found it hard to follow. The plot was quite boring as well.

  • I had to read this for school and I was actually surprised I liked the crime theme and the little romance that was in it .

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