Vertrauen suchen - Liebe finden

Vertrauen suchen Liebe finden Nichts ist Kit wichtiger als seine Unabh ngigkeit die nicht zuletzt durch seine Epilepsie immer wieder gef hrdet wird Als Tierarzt Dale in sein Leben tritt sieht Kit seine Selbstst ndigkeit erneut b

  • Title: Vertrauen suchen - Liebe finden
  • Author: Chris T. Kat Anne Sommerfeld
  • ISBN: 9783958230149
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nichts ist Kit wichtiger als seine Unabh ngigkeit, die nicht zuletzt durch seine Epilepsie immer wieder gef hrdet wird Als Tierarzt Dale in sein Leben tritt, sieht Kit seine Selbstst ndigkeit erneut bedroht, doch Dale bleibt hartn ckig Hin und her gerissen zwischen seinem Misstrauen und dem Wunsch nach N he, verstrickt sich Kit in ein Netz aus Halbwahrheiten Doch bald mNichts ist Kit wichtiger als seine Unabh ngigkeit, die nicht zuletzt durch seine Epilepsie immer wieder gef hrdet wird Als Tierarzt Dale in sein Leben tritt, sieht Kit seine Selbstst ndigkeit erneut bedroht, doch Dale bleibt hartn ckig Hin und her gerissen zwischen seinem Misstrauen und dem Wunsch nach N he, verstrickt sich Kit in ein Netz aus Halbwahrheiten Doch bald muss er sich entscheiden Kann er Dale vertrauen oder soll er auch in Zukunft vor sich selbst davonlaufen 2 Romane in einem Band

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      219 Chris T. Kat Anne Sommerfeld
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  • Chris T. Kat Anne Sommerfeld

    Chris T Kat lives in the middle of Europe, together with her husband of many years and their two children She stumbled upon the M M genre by luck and was swiftly drawn into it She divides her time between work, her family which includes chasing after escaping horses and lugging around huge instruments such as a harp and writing She enjoys a variety of genres, such as mystery suspense, paranormal, and romance If there s any spare time, she happily reads for hours, listens to audiobooks, or crafts.


  • 2.5*I liked Kit, I could understand him and his actions most of the time, being treated as incapable and a child would make anyone lash out more often than necessary.Although, I understand the family's motivation he is 28 yrs old, give the man some respect please.Then there is Dale, I think he was supposed to be the 'good guy', patient and understanding. I didn't like him, I thought he was a jerk, and he pulled the 'I'm your boss/employer' card when he wanted to, but turns around and flirts and [...]

  • This story starts off with feisty little vet secretary Kit, being rescued from a stalker by passer-by, Dale Miller, who turns out to be his new boss. Kit is an epileptic but I think the author forgot one diagnosis when creating his character because he also seems to suffer from Tourettes! Kit's foul mouth and irrational rudeness to Dale made me question why Dale would be interested in him. Kit has a horrible history of abuse/imprisonment from a former lover. But the fact that Dale is quite physi [...]

  • ~FORGETTING IT~PROJECT LET RANDOM CHOOSE MY BOOK FROM ALL THE BOOKS I OWN AND READ IT REGARDLESS OF IF I WANT TO OR NOT!Book 5All the nope for this one! Random you did me dirty this time, you did me so dirty.I did not like this book, I did not like the MC Kit. Talk about an annoying brat, whose so quick to temper and is impossibly rude. Like I get it, he’s been through some shit but his attitude was just rude and I couldn’t find anything likeable about him. He’s epileptic and people are wo [...]

  • I'm not really sure how I feel about this book. At first I was a bit creeped out with it because not only is my first name the MC's name (spelled the Russian way) but my last name is used in the book as well as the exact age, breed and name of my dog. Creepy. More than that, one minute I was liking the book, the next I was frustrated and annoyed. It revolves around Nikita, a.k.a Kit, getting attacked by a stalker in the grocery store parking lot. Dale Miller, a big strapping bear of a man, saves [...]

  • 3.5 starsEmotional roller coaster all the way Kit is hard to keep up with very unpredictable and so many mood swings he was a "headache" but an adorable messed up one. He keeps acting out as a defense mechanism pushing everyone away but he is still loved and adored because underneath all that anger he is a hurt and scared boy. He meets his match in Dale, who is determined to break through the barriers he isn't going to let Mr Prickles(Kit) get away with the lip or attitude. Its a moving story ju [...]

  • This was a sweet romantic story with a plot of becoming a couple. The story was rather simple, build around bad past experiences and undeveloped characters. I liked Kit and even Dale, but something was missing here. There was not one good information about Dale as a character, which was really weird. To be truthful, this story ended more or less in middle. That was really unsatisfying.

  • I absolutely loved this book. It was one of those books that I liked. I will warn that this is insta-love so it may not be for some people. When you read this book, you may or may not like. Some things are just dependent on personal taste as a reader more than this book being good or bad. I have never read a book by Chris T. Kat before and I would definitely be interested in reading another one.Nikita, "Kit", was the narrator of the book. He was an epileptic who had been in a few abusive relatio [...]

  • I wasn't drawn to either character. Kit was spoiled, selfish, whiny, and way too touchy about everything. I know I was supposed to feel sorry for him because of his epilepsy and his horrible ex but he just created so much unneeded drama that I really didn't like him. Dale wasn't much better. Granted we are reading from Kit's point of view but I think by Kit's reactions and things he said that it was fairly obvious to anyone around him that he had some major issues, one of which was fear of other [...]

  • This in my opinion could not be rated no less than a 4 and it even hedges towards the five for me. Kit is a breath of fresh air with his sassy, sarcastic witt, his quick and easy combacks and he's so argumentative it's hysterical. Now poor Dale is nothing but a hunky, bigger than life teddy bear who is mild-natured and tolerates Kit with a charm and patience even I wouldn't be able to uphold. Amusing, interesting and a enjoyable read all around.

  • 1.5 stars. So-so m/m romance about a prickly veterinary assistant who can't decide if he likes the overbearing guy who rescued him from a stalker. Everyone in this book was annoying. And I don't believe that Kit would be all better psychologically from just the love of a strong man.

  • I wanted to like this book; the veterinary clinic setting and the main character's epilepsy were both plot elements that I hadn't come across in m/m fiction before. However, if I hadn't already read the blurb that said the epilepsy and recent abuse had made Kit prickly, I wouldn't have known why he was acting so erratically. I wished the author had woven in something about the epilepsy and abuse at the beginning of the book, so that Kit's behavior would be more understandable. Instead, he simply [...]

  • I am sorry. I REALLY am. I wanted to like this. I mean, it's a disability book and I jump on those and love them to itty bitty pieces. Yeah, but apparently not when the MC acts like a spoiled rotten brat.Kit is a 28 year old epileptic. He HATES it. He hates being an epileptic and basically doesn't think this should be happening to him. Sorry, Kit, but you have it, get over it. Deal with it. It's not the end of the world. So, he takes it out on everyone :( However, his family is so overbearing I [...]

  • I'm not really sure how I felt about this book. On the one hand, Kit was very hard to like. Sympathize with, yes, but not like. He was just SO abrasive. Also, it was clear we were supposed to see Dale as the good guy but most of the time he came across just as controlling and creepy as Hutch, minus the violence. And finally, given Kit's issues, the 5 days timeline from first meeting to love was just way too rushed.On the other hand, I thought the pacing on how Kit's secrets were unveiled was don [...]

  • Kit was a very interesting character. Yes, he was prickly and highly defensive, but that was understandable given his past trauma and his ongoing struggle to live independently despite his disability. We can't all be perfectly well-adjusted. I liked Kit a lot. I liked Dale a lot, too, but unfortunately we never learned much about Dale. We know he's smitten by Kit and is a stand-up guy, but we learn nothing of his past or his motivation for jumping to Kit's rescue. His actions let us know how muc [...]

  • I discovered I had this book when reading the latest Chris t Kat. Partly read. I realised why once I tried to read it again. I really disliked the point of view character. He's rude stupid and awful. Also an idiot. I then tried to read the first of a crime trilogy by Kat and disliked that MC as well. I deduce that I like recent Kat and not earlier Kat.

  • Kit is saved from being assaulted in the local car park by Dale. Little does Kit know that Dale is his new boss.Kit suffers from an abusive background and is epileptic as well.I liked this book. Kit was snarky and Dale seems to be just the right man for him. If anything though it might have been a little too insta love , but still worth reading.

  • Dang, Chris! You nailed it! Speaking as someone who has epilepsy it can be terrifying to open yourself up to someone for fear of rejection and the dread of seeing that "look" in their eye when they see you go thru it for the first time. May all of us find our Dale's (I know I've found mine).

  • After seeing the mixed reviews, I was hesitant to read >Seizing It<, but decided to give it a try anyway. Although I ended up giving it 3/5 stars, I don't regret my decision; although it's flawed, it was a fun, quick read and I wouldn't mind seeing more from this author in the future, especially if she improves from this first novel.>Seizing It< is the story of Kit--Nikita Hall--a 28-year-old ginger with some serious issues--who narrates the tale. A lot of reviewers found fault with [...]

  • Reviewed for Joyfully Jay.Rating: 3 starsKit Hall, veterinary assistant, leads a life of strict routine that his epilepsy and physician requires of him. Kit has also isolated himself by choice from others, with the exception of his sister and the veterinarian he works for. A victim of domestic abuse from his ex, Kit finds himself unwilling to trust others to the extent that he has walled himself off from most personal interactions. When Kit is attacked outside his home by a crazed admirer, his s [...]

  • DNF after 25%. Could't like any character in this story. Riayl, Karen and Candice said it all. There is nothing else to add.

  • top2bottomreviews.wordpress/Kit Hall has epilepsy and for the past year he’s kept the disease under control with medication, and doing what he can to keep as much stress as possible out of his life. Because he’s been seizure-free, Kit’s enjoyed having more freedom in his life, and this freedom is something Kit is almost desperate to hold onto. One day, Kit is attacked in a parking lot by a man who hopes to be an important person in Kit’s life. Even though, Kit is stronger than he once wa [...]

  • I tried. I did. I like the premise, I liked the writing, I even liked Kit.The problem is, I hated everybody else.- Overbearing friends/family. They kept scolding Kit as if he were a child, and their lack of true empathy for him (or lack of understanding as to the cause of his outbursts) really grated on my nerves. But they were also overprotective, constantly worrying about Kit's safety. If it had just been his family, fine, understandable, but when his boss's wife does that? No.- Matchmaking fr [...]

  • 3.5 starsI had contrasting feelings while reading this book: one moment I liked it, one moment I was annoyed at some things, especially the main character. Kit is a young guy with epilepsy and a difficult past of abuse. These two things made him retreat behind a protective wall, which very few people can get behind. One of these is his new boss, Dale. From the moment they two meet, Kit goes from being attracted to him and wanting to let him in, to try to shut him out because of his fears. It's a [...]

  • This book deals with some pretty heavy subjects - abuse, trauma, a serious illness, but it's not a heavy book by any means. The protagonist Kit is trying his best to come to terms with a abusive relationship that ended in a horrific way. He's terrified of loved of anyone touching him unexpectedly.He's struggled with illness for most of his life and it's made him fiercely independent and with major issues about being seen as weak. When he is 'saved' from a stalker, far from being grateful to his [...]

  • I read this ebook after having it for a while. While I really enjoyed this, giving it a solid 3.5, I did have a few things that distracted me during the story. I felt that Kit's personality quirks were to be expected-based on his coddling from his family. The constant bouncing from horny/shy to snarky pissed off could have tapered off a bit more during the story sooner than it did. My favorite scene in the book, oddly enough, was the lunch with his existing boss and his wife; it felt the most 'r [...]

  • 3.75 STARS (rounded up to 4 STARS)---I did like the two main characters :) Kit was a 'bit' too standoffish/proud, with a penchant for keeping the truth to himself (only to be forced to reveal it when things became impossible to ignore) and a bit more reliant on his looks to get himself of scrapes, but when he slowly reveals his past through a series of events and flashbacks, the reasons become clear. This contemporary story, told primarily from Kit's POV, the secondary characters (namely Emma hi [...]

  • Charnel's review posted on Guilty Pleasures3.5 StarsMain character Kit is a bit of a big baby. Kit has epilepsy and makes him a bit protective of his self but it also makes him a bit of a whiner who is spoiled and used to getting his way.Dale Miller is Kit rescuer; he comes into Kit’s life when he’s in desperate need, though Kit being the brat he is doesn’t even appreciate Dale’s help at the time. However, the men cross paths again and Kit starts to realize Dale might be exactly the kind [...]

  • Next on my list to read!!3.5 stars *** it Hmmmmm I feel the same about this book as many of the previous reviews, but I can only hope that the author either has another book coming soon with these character's to "tie up" a few thoughts, questions, and the WTH ending feeling I got, or that the next offering is just That awesome of a read that we'll excuse all of the above and below mentiond things in this one. I believe this author "could" become a Fav of mine. The story had PROMISE! I do [...]

  • I was attracted to this book for a twisted reason my dad is epileptic. I really like Nikita "Kit" Hall as the narrator, it was really interesting to see everything from his flawed vision; I think the guy really does need to see a counselor to deal with his abusive ex-boyfriend and his "issues" about his epilepsy (should be high time he starts to accept it is part and parcel to his life). I'm not sure I bought the whole romance angle, probably because we never know how Dale thinks and why he is i [...]

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