Beauty and the Wiener

Beauty and the Wiener A TAIL AS OLD AS TIME Addison Turner has scripted a perfect future for herself complete with a fairytale ending She will become the name in doggie fashion design and live happily ever after with the

  • Title: Beauty and the Wiener
  • Author: Casey Griffin
  • ISBN: 9781250084682
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A TAIL AS OLD AS TIME Addison Turner has scripted a perfect future for herself, complete with a fairytale ending She will become the name in doggie fashion design and live happily ever after with the husband of her dreams and her dachshund, Princess, by her side Just when her plan is on track and she s gaining recognition at the local dog show, Addison is hit with some OA TAIL AS OLD AS TIME Addison Turner has scripted a perfect future for herself, complete with a fairytale ending She will become the name in doggie fashion design and live happily ever after with the husband of her dreams and her dachshund, Princess, by her side Just when her plan is on track and she s gaining recognition at the local dog show, Addison is hit with some Oscar worthy drama A group of prize winning show dogs are stolen from under her nose, and she s stuck asking for help from Felix Vaughn, an infuriatingly hot bartender who is the exact opposite of Prince Charming.When dogs go missing and Felix becomes a suspect the two team up to clear their names Although Felix and Addison fight like cats and dogs, there s an undeniable spark between them And as the trail to the missing dogs heats up, so does their red hot chemistry Can Addison be persuaded to throw away her script to find an ending that just might be better than she ever expected

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    Casey Griffin can often be found at comic conventions on her days off from her day job, driving 400 ton dump trucks in Northern Alberta, Canada As a jack of all trades with a resume boasting registered nurse, English teacher, and photographer, books are her true passion Casey is a 2012 Breakthrough Novel finalist, and is currently busy writing every moment she can.


  • 3.5 Much? Stars. Addison Turner has her life planned and mapped out to the last detail. She is an up and coming dog stylist. With her soon to be Fido Fashion to come out. Her new mission is to find her dream man and she comes over as slightly desperate okay very desperate. After a tragic incident at the age of twenty two she has decided to pursue her dream of a family but is still looking for the one. She wants her life to be a blockbuster Hollywood and a romantic comedy so not only is she despe [...]

  • Addison is a dog groomer, who wants to become a name in dog fashion design. She also hopes to find her prince charming to live happily ever after. At an event for show dog owners Addison meets a possible prince charming-Philip Montgomery III, who is handsome and for him money is no problem. Addison also happens to have a rather interesting conversation with the bartender Felix, who is charming and intriguing. While Addison is enjoying a free moment some show dogs go missing and that means a lot [...]

  • Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.: amzn/2kGGAPfBeauty and the Wiener was pretty cute. A dog groomer who's found herself accused of dognapping show dogs weeks before a big competition. And the bartender who many think might be her accomplice. A little mystery as they try to find the pups, a little romance as they get closer. A whole lot of cute pups. Pretty cute, indeed.So these two. I liked the hero--he's down to earth, cheeky and plays things close to the chest. He's more than he se [...]

  • "Fur flew through the air under Addison Turner's skilled touch as though she were born holding a pair of scissors, as natural as Edward Scissorhnads sculpting purebred pooches into masterpieces."Addison is a volunteer at the Dachshund Rescue Center and she adopted one who have a tiny limp because Princess have a leg shorter than the others. She also own a spa where she groom dogs and design clothes for them. At a cocktail mixer where she hope to give a taste for things to come for her new fashio [...]

  • 3.5 StarsA book that took me by surprise. Beauty and the Wiener is a book that took me completely by surprise. And I'm not saying this just about one aspect but about several. First it's not really what I would seek out to read. But frankly I liked the cover and the summary sounded fun. So on a whim I decided that I would like to give it a try. I made sure that it can be read as a standalone, since I haven't read the previous book in the series. So it's my first book by Griffin as well. And let' [...]

  • BEAUTY AND THE WIENER by Casey Griffin is a cute story that’s part mystery mixed with the right amount of warmth and emotion at the end. Animal lovers will appreciate this mad little caper for its suspense and humor.Addison Turner is looking for love in all the wrong places. Can being forced to work with bartender Felix, who is everything she doesn’t want in a husband, turn out to be the best happy accident? A fun escapade through the professional dog show circuit when dogs keep disappearing [...]

  • Beauty and the Wiener by Casey GriffinA Rescue Dog Romance #2Feeling so-so about the first book in the series and asked to read the second I agreed to give it a chance. I again came away feeling that people who enjoy the books of Janet Evanovich and love dogs will probably enjoy this book. But, it was again a so-so read for me. Why? Well, I felt the plot was predictable and simplistic, the interaction between Felix and Addison at times silly & immature, Addison’s dream of the perfect man a [...]

  • Addison has her life planned out, finding a guy who is perfect for her, find a way to get her doggie fashion designs out there and finding a way to save her fathers store. Just when things start to look up, she ends up being the center of attention when the prized doggie models to show off her designs so missing. It just seems that every time shes around prized dogs keep going missing. Now shes on a mission to save her reputation and find those missing dogs. Little did she expect to start fallin [...]

  • I really liked Felix, the didn't apologize for his behavior, “now that’s what I call getting a better look,” he said. She could hear the amusement in his voice, and she turned to see him staring up her dress. If she’d had a free hand she would have swatted him." Felix is such a sweetheart, "Felix laughed, his breath tickling her thighs. “Addy, I don’t care. I don’t care about the shaving, and the makeup, and the hair , and the clothes . I prefer you without all of it.” He nibbled [...]

  • With the vetting system I have for the books I read for a review, it rarely happens that I completely miss the target, but Beauty and the Wiener happen to be a miss for me. No, I didn't hate it. I read it, all 400 pages of it. It is well written, but the story just wasn't for me. I love dogs as much as the next person, but the dog show and dog fashion clothing isn't something that I find a great interest in, and they play a center role in the story, more than I expected. There are lots of detail [...]

  • Synopsis:Addison Turner has scripted a perfect future for herself, complete with a fairytale ending. She will become the name in doggie fashion design and live happily ever after with the husband of her dreams—and her dachshund, Princess, by her side. Just when her plan is on track and she’s gaining recognition at the local dog show, Addison is hit with some Oscar-worthy drama. A group of prize-winning show dogs are stolen from under her nose, and she’s stuck asking for help from Felix Vau [...]

  • Addison Turner is a dog groomer, though she prefers "dog stylist," who is trying to launch her fashion line for dogs. She is also looking for Mr. Perfect. She wants someone like the heroes of the Disney movies she watched as a child. At an exclusive event for show dog owners, she sets her sights on Philip Montgomery III who looks great in his tux and with his trust fund. She doesn't want to fall for scruffy bartender Felix Vaughn. When the show dogs she was preparing for their fashion review dis [...]

  • Beauty and the Wiener by Casey Griffin is book 2 of the A Rescue Dog Romance series.This is a sweet, contemporary romance with some detective/suspense elements. The storyline of this boo, is an interesting one and the subject matter of Dog Grooming and Dog Shows is a unique one, with great insights into that world.I must say that I really enjoyed this book. I loved the quirky and distinct characters that surround the Dog Show world. I loved Addisons journey from the beginning of the book until t [...]

  • This is the second book in this series but it can be read as a stand alone novel. Yet, after reading this book you will want to pick up a copy of the first book. The author has just gained a new fan in me. OMG! I absolutely fell in love with Addison and Felix. They made the perfect couple. This is a good thing as they were just alright as detectives. Yet, they sure kept things entertaining as they tried to solve the mystery of the missing prized show dogs. From the compromising situations to the [...]

  • This is a really cute story that keeps you tied up wondering in a who-done-it mystery, along with humor and romance. It seems to cover it all. Addison runs Pampered Paws where she grooms dogs. She also designs fashions for dogs and has put everything she has into it. Unfortunately, someone is stealing the dogs that are supposed to be in the big dog show and they are pointing the finger straight at Addison. She has made friends with a bartender, Felix, and now they are saying he is her accomplice [...]

  • Great addition to the Rescue Dog series! This book started out a little slow for me, but then it picked up and I couldn't put it down. I stayed up well past midnight finishing this one, which is something I rarely do. Felix is the stuff that fantasies are made of. And of course all of the dogs are adorable. The story is well written, the characters are well developed, and the plot is full of suspense. There are so many potential "bad guys" that I truly didn't know who the culprit was until the a [...]

  • This was such a fun and adorable story. There was a very interesting mystery, and I loved the characters, human and animal. I really liked Felix. He made a great first impression with me, waving his trash can around. It was one of my favorite moments. Beauty and the Wiener had a little bit of everything, and I definitely recommend it if you are looking for something with fun, mystery, and romance. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

  • Where do I even start and justify the one-star review? This book is all over the place, plagued with lame events and superficial characters. I picked this book because I was intrigued by the synopsis which introduces it as a romantic mystery about the female protagonist, Addison Turner, who embarks on an investigation and search for missing show dogs with her love interest, Felix Vaughn.It is meshed with one drama after another. I believe this is the author’s attempt to keep readers engaged, a [...]

  • ARC received via Netgalley for an honest reviewThis is the first Casey Griffin novel I have read, and even though I have not read the first Rescue Dog Romance book, this did not detract from my enjoyment.Beauty and The Wiener sweet, cute contemporary romance with bit of suspense thrown in for good measure.Addison and Felix really are SOL when they get dragged into a dognapping scandal, and while they are doggedly on the trail of the culprits, they are kinda sorta building a relationship.Addison' [...]

  • 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, so was excited to get started on this entry. Addison is a dog groomer with big plans to expand her business into a doggie fashion line. She's banking on success after participating in a large dog show in her hometown of San Francisco. While at the first night cocktail mixer she meets Felix, a bartender. Addison and Felix have instant chemistry, with him flirting and giving her a hard time from the beginning. Despite the chemistry with Fe [...]

  • Addison is a pet groomer and pet clothes designer. She has worked hard the last two years growing her business. She has accepted startup money from her best friend’s fiancé and doesn’t want to let anyone down. She’s set to have a fashion show at a fancy dog show gathering. She has also decided she needs a man with good breeding and money to be her other half. Felix is the bartender at the event. He sees all and takes it all in. He’s worked with this crowd before and offers to fill Addis [...]

  • I thought that this book was okay, likable in some ways but nothing that really grabbed me. Addison is the sweet, somewhat naive, hardworking, ambitious woman looking for a fairy-tale man. Addison seems to be caught up in a lot of fantasy ideas when it came to getting through life. In a lot of different areas, including what her dream man should be. Addison unexpectedly meets Felix. Felix is the tall, handsome, man who has observed people and learned much from it. Addison is a little bit like an [...]

  • I have not read any other works by this author, and in fact have not really read this genre in several years. These are romantic comedy mystery books. Several years ago, I went through a phase of reading this genre and had enjoyed them they tend to be light, fun books with a mystery to be solved. This book had all of that. I thought it was well written, with a fairly good mystery involved and a fun romance, light on the sex, but that was ok. It wouldn't have felt right for there to be long, invo [...]

  • This was a sweet love story that involved dogs! I am a dog rescuer, so the stories that include rescues in them always find a special place in my heart. In this book Addison and her dog Princess are embarking on a new business adventure when Addison is implicated in a dognapping crime. Felix is the bartender at the event and eventually decides to help Addie find the real dognappers. This book made me laugh at some parts and I absolutely swooned at the dog parts. Princess ends up being the true h [...]

  • Another charming and entertaining read!Addison is whimsical in her love for "Happily-ever-afters". I like how she compares people, relationships, and situations to famous movies. I also love how she has certain flavor of ice cream for certain situations that arise.Felix, that's a name I don't see too often for a human male. Animal, yes. Human no. Felix is such a fun character. He amused me quite often throughout the book. I like how he noticed Addison at first getgo opposed to Addie's "Mr. Perfe [...]

  • What an adorable story!!! I really enjoyed the budding romance between Felix and Addison. The tension was perfect and I loved their arguments. The mystery in the story was perfect and I had no idea who the kidnapper was until the end. This story caught me the first chapter and I had such a hard time putting it down. I also loved Princess! As a dachshund owner, I really appreciated Princess's quirks and idiosyncrasies that are so typical of dachshunds. This story has it all romance, humor and mys [...]

  • Beauty and the Wiener was an enjoyable read that introduced me to Casey Griffin. This is my first book by this author and it won’t be the last. This book embodies romance with mystery and held my attention throughout. The characters were intriguing and completely different from each other. Our hero is easy to love and our heroine…well, she grows on you. The mystery involving the dog shows was well-done and the fashion show was cute. Overall, a good read.

  • This book is a bit of everything: romance, mystery, love of dogs, humorous – but I started reading it in January and just now finished it (3/9/17). The characters, for their age, are way too immature, way too many plots wondering throughout the book. And WAY too long for any romance book (404) pages. I appreciate the author’s love of dogs and her encouraging way of trying to get people to care about all dogs but, was just disappointed in the book.

  • Another super read by Casey Griffin. This is Addison's story. She has a dog grooming business and fashions for dogs. On her watch the show dogs are stolen and she is under suspicion. The ups and downs are hilarious. Addison is also on the hunt for Mr. Perfect. Is a great read for dog lovers and romance readers. Ms. Griffin is a very good writer and await third book in series. Thanks to .

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