The Troubles Keeper

The Troubles Keeper To enjoy a Susan May starter library of two free books join her reader s club at susanmaywriter free booksHE SAVES OTHERS FROM THEIR TROUBLES WHO WILL SAVE HIM Bus driver Rory Fine has a gift He can

  • Title: The Troubles Keeper
  • Author: Susan May Ebook Editing Pro
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To enjoy a Susan May starter library of two free books, join her reader s club at susanmaywriter free booksHE SAVES OTHERS FROM THEIR TROUBLES WHO WILL SAVE HIM Bus driver Rory Fine has a gift He can take troubles from others with merely a touch On a rain swept night he asks his glum passengers to leave their worrisome emotions in his palm But when he touches oneTo enjoy a Susan May starter library of two free books, join her reader s club at susanmaywriter free booksHE SAVES OTHERS FROM THEIR TROUBLES WHO WILL SAVE HIM Bus driver Rory Fine has a gift He can take troubles from others with merely a touch On a rain swept night he asks his glum passengers to leave their worrisome emotions in his palm But when he touches one passenger s hand everything he knows about troubles keeping is shattered Somebody aboard hides a deadly and dangerous secret What began simply, descends into a perilous battle with a menacing and evil dark entity and Rory now faces a terrible decision Should he reveal his secret gift to Mariana, the passenger he s come to love but barely knows The last time that happened somebody died But Rory must find a way because someone or something stalks Mariana Someone who kills in a macabre and sickening way Someone with abilities powerful than his own Should the killer s plan succeed it s not just Mariana at risk but the very fabric of the world Rory will need to discover a strength he may not possess Even then, that might not be enough For when the Trepan Killer wants you, there s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide Can Rory stop the Trepan Killer before he loses all To do so, he will face than the killer He will face his own harrowing past From International best selling thriller author Susan May comes another page turner keeping readers up way past their bedtime The Troubles Keeper is a non stop supernatural suspense ride, with memorable characters readers love and a fictional world that you won t want to leave.

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    To enjoy a Susan May starter library of two free books, join her reader s club at susanmaywriter free booksI was four when I decided I would be a writer, packed a bag, and marched down the road looking for a school But for forty six years, I suffered from life gets in the way osis Setting a goal to write just one page a day cured me in 2010 This discipline grew into an addictive habit that has since borne several novels, and dozens of short stories and novellas many of which are published award winners in Australia, the US and the UK My childhood reading diet consisted of Edgar Allen Poe, O Henry, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, plus horror comics like Tales From the Crypt Anything out of this world like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits had me glued to the television Inspired by these classics, I attempt to pen tales that are simply about the story and the characters and not about fancy words or beautiful descriptions At the end of my stories I hope, wonderful reader, that you will feel you ve enjoyed a journey into the fantastic with a neat twist at the end.Every day I pinch myself that I am able to do what I love and be in control of every facet of it And I can wear my track suit pants and slippers while doing it Bliss Most days I m just an average mother and wife living in Perth, Western Australia, but this darn imagination of mine keeps constantly venturing into the crevices of dark worlds, whether I want to go there or not.


  • 4.5 STARS!*Thank you to Susan May for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review*On the face of it, Rory Fine is exactly the same as all the other bus drivers working out of his depot, but never take things at face value, for Rory has a special gift - at the touch of his hand, a mere brush of the fingers, he has the ability to take away the troubles of his recipient.One stormy night, Rory picks up on the negative feelings of his passengers, and he asks them to just brush his hand as they al [...]

  • Go on, read the book, I told myself. You'll probably learn something by getting out of your comfort zone.The upshot is that this novel took me further out of my comfort zone than I ever cared to be. I don't usually write my reviews while hiding under the bed. Furthermore, I will probably never feel comfortable on public transport again. What if that fellow on the seat next to me is a serial killer? I probably won't even be able to get a refund on my bus ticket until it's too late!So why have I g [...]

  • 3.5 starsMy first experiences with author Susan May (Deadly Messengers and Behind Dark Doors (the complete collection): Eighteen suspenseful short stories) really blew me away and I became an instant fan. I was really excited about reading her latest, The Troubles Keeper.While I can't say I'm as enthusiastic about this story as I am of her previous work, I can't ignore the fact that this is one highly imaginative and creative tale!This might seem like an odd combination but I would describe this [...]

  • Susan May continues to astound me. While 'Deadly Messengers' remains my firm favourite I have to admit that 'The Troubles Keeper' kept me spellbound.Once in a lifetime, if we are lucky, we meet someone who makes us feel better, lighter, more joyous; someone who lightens our load, who makes us forget our troubles.Bus driver Rory Fine is one such person. He has a gift. A gift that he delights in, one that he uses to rid people of their day to day troubles. Once, in the past, this has caused Rory g [...]

  • Rory Fine is a bus driver but he's far from your ordinary every day blue collar worker. Rory was born with a gift that allows him to ease the fears and troubles from others with just a touch. One night along his regular route Rory gets the feeling that his passengers are a bit more bogged down with their problems so he offers to help them all as they depart his bus. As Rory touches one particular passenger though he finds himself taking on something dark and evil that he's never experienced befo [...]

  • Rory Fine enjoyed driving his buses, interacting with his passengers, especially the regulars. And he was a person who loved helping people – with a touch of his hand he could remove the worries and troubles from a person; they would be happier and calmer and not realise why. But the wet and rainy night he decided to take the troubles from every passenger as they departed, Rory felt a darkness release from the young woman who had stolen his heart…Mariana was generally a happy, bubbly person, [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book by the author and I can honestly say that I am in love with it. I loved it since the very beginning. The characters are very well developed, the storyline doesn't allow you to stop reading. Just amazing. This was the second book I had to read from an emerging author and I couldn't even think about it that way. It was like reading some of the big's best works. I sincerely hope Susan writes a sequel and not just one! there are so many possibilities for further s [...]

  • Rory Fine has a gift. He can take your troubles away just by his touch. As a bus driver he has driven the same bus route for years.One rainy night he asks his glum passengers to leave all their emotions in his palm. When touching one persons hand he knew what he had known about trouble keepers is shattered. Someone aboard hides a deadly and dangerous secret.Great characters and a bit supernatural powers makes this a really enjoyable novel. Susan May at her best.Thank you so much Susan for giving [...]

  • I loved this ARC from Susan May! It was fun working with her as she's turned out to be a very warm, sweet person. One whose completely humble and open to changes. That's rare in an author, and makes her one special lady!Parts reminded me a little of Stephan King, especially Danny Torrence in The Shining and Dr. sleep, you'll see when you get therer now all I'll say is it has to do with keeping bad things locked in boxes within yourself.mething Rory does with troubles in this book, until he's fac [...]

  • This a chillingly horrific thriller told from the alternating point of view of the killer and the hero. Being in the mind of the killer and seeing how he is tortured his victims was especially hideous. It was too easy to imagine the pain they experienced. In a movie you can look away and wait for the scene to be over. This book gave me the shivers.The hero's paranormal ability is one I've never read before and found very imaginative. I like how Rory is so generous in sharing his gift with others [...]

  • I think my edition was a "late" ARC for this book that is due any day now. Very few things left to be edited and I daresay they did not distract from either the story or the flow of the narrative. The narrative is great by the way, the author writes really well and that has been true for everything I read by her. Not in any way "simple", but I rarely, if ever, stumble or have to backtrack through the text. Narrative voice and perspective shift between chapters in this story, but it's so nicely f [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book just as much as I did the others and more.I want to thank Susan for the early copy of this fantastic book and say once again how great she is. I know without her and many others like her we wouldn't have the books and adventures we have when we spend our time on their journeys reading their books and being part of their worlds. So people if you haven't read this book yet then what are you waiting fore world to end well with Rory Fine on the bus you might have to wait [...]

  • If there's one thing Susan May knows how to do (and probably in her sleep, too), it's creating bone-chilling suspense. While this book starts out rather slow and gives the reader (maybe just a little too much) time to get acquainted with the protagonist, there's hardly any time to take a little breather once the action starts.I very much enjoyed the premise of this story: A twentysomething bus driver, just a little awkward but the most beautiful soul, with the gift to relieve those around him of [...]

  • Twisted; dark; and completely delightful! I don't know what I like more, the book itself or the fact that one of the main character's was inspired by the main character from It's a Wonderful life?! I like to read books that are light and feathery, but sometimes I find myself falling into something heavy and loving it. I'm glad I read this book, it's well-written and the characters are so real and it made my experience that much more enjoyable. I think fans of the Mara Dyer series will enjoy this [...]

  • Rory Fine is a young man with a secret. He discovered when he was just a young boy, that he had the ability to take troubles and lock them away. This ability has been both a gift and a curse. One day he meets Mariana whose "troubles" are unlike anything he has ever experienced. A trouble that is so huge, so evil, it can not possibly be her own, and he can barely contain it. Rory knows that she is in danger but doesn't know from who, or how to help her. When another young woman falls victim to a [...]

  • I love this book! You've done it again Susan! Rory is amazing all of your characters are. Please write a second book or more, I NEED to know what happens to them all! I wish more people were like Rory, Mariana and Daniel in this world. There are sadly not enough. I figured out who did it before the story ended but it's ok because you put so many twists in that there was doubt. I really wish troubles keepers were real. At least they exist in your book so thank you for that.

  • I don't normally read this genre of book but it had a serial killer in it. I started it and it was so hard to put down. I loved the main character, a bus driver and his interactions with his regular passengers. I had absolutely no idea who the killer was and it was so surprising how things happen. I hope there is a book 2.

  • A new superhero is born. No he can't fly, no he can't jump over buildings, see through walls, stop bullets, or any of those other things superheroes supposedly can do. What he can do is so much better, what he can do is something in these terrible times we are living in is so special. Such a beautiful, amazing, miraculous, gift that we could all use a person like him and his gift right now in all of our lives. (view spoiler)[ Just by touching someone he can take someone's problems and heartaches [...]

  • Rory Fine has the ability to lift the worries and concerns of a person just by touching them. A handshake or the briefest touch can leave people feeling lighter, happier and as if their troubles have just disappeared. In fact, Rory takes those troubles and stores them away in his mental attic until he can dispose of them later. What a guy!What do you think a man with this type of gift would do for a living? Counsellor, doctor or emergency worker springs to mind. Nope, Rory drives a bus and uses [...]

  • Thanks to the author for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.Susan May is Australia's best kept secret. Her name belongs to the A-List suspense writers Parthenon, next to Stephen King, Gillian Flynn, Dean Koontz or Glenn Cooper.The Troubles Keeper is a supernatural thriller where Rory Fine, an apparently common bus driver, is able to take your worries away just by touching you, making you instantly feel better and more positive (I know: where can I fin him, right?). After fallin [...]

  • There is a broad category of writing known as speculative fiction. I know this because I actually took a class in speculative fiction in college (it seemed like an easy A, and it was). THE TROUBLES KEEPER falls quite nicely into this category.There is a really nasty serial killer here, yet there is no big police investigation in the book. I must confess that halfway through the book, I started looking for such an investigation and realized this isn't a serial killer whodunnit but a study in huma [...]

  • Rory Fine is his name. Tall, 26 years old, good looking, extremely nice to others. A real people person. I’d shake his hand if I ran into him. He has the ability to take your troubles away. It's a psychic kind of power which is a secret. So he thinks. He's a transit bus driver by choice. The love of his life is a regular passenger. She does find this out slowly. When delving into other people's troubles to take them away sometimes you meet true evil. Rory has met true evil. Of course he takes [...]

  • Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author for an honest review.As usual I try to keep this spoiler free.I never read a paranormal thriller. I have read thrillers before but never with a paranormal element.So when Susan was so kind to approach me and sensed me the synopsis I was a bit skeptical, not knowing what to expect of The Troubles Keeper.But I instantly liked the idea of someone being able to take Troubles from people and keep them.So here we have Rory Fine, a busdriver with a s [...]

  • Omg I can't say enough about this book. I really really really loved it. Susan May has done it again. This is one book you have to read. It was so exciting I didn't want to put it down so much so I stayed up until 4:00 in the morning the first night and it was well worth it.

  • I received this early copy from the author.This was an interesting Paranormal thriller, with a nice romance and a side touch of science fiction! really an interesting mix. And i loved it.So, the story is about this nice and friendly bus driver, Rory Fine ("Fine by name, fine by nature"), who happens also to have a nice gift, he can take away the troubles of people just by touching them.But then one day he picks up something terrible, something dark that endangers the girls he likes, and he finds [...]

  • (Wonderful! This was a fun read and a thriller. Rory Fine is a simple bus driver with a simple gift. He can take people's troubles and dispose of them. On a rainy and glum day he stops his bus and tells the passengers that he will take their troubles, to just leave them in his hand when they get off the bus. The problem begins when he senses an evil presence on the bus and then when he takes the troubles of the girl he secretly loves, Marianna, she gets rid of a great darkness the greatest dark [...]

  • Just above the box I'm typing this in, there is the question 'What did you think?' hard to say, because I've finished reading this but I'm still thinking. Not about whether or not I liked it (I really liked it), but thinking about the characters, the subject matter and the unanswered questions. Well done, Susan May. This work gets a solid 4 stars from me (the only 5-star reviews I've ever offered were for writers named Dickens, Dumas and Tolkien, who sadly aren't here to see them).I had intended [...]

  • This was the first book of Susan May’s that I have read and I can tell you that it won’t be the last!! Every once in a while you come across a novel that is genuinely unique; that touches upon ideas that you’ve never seen written about before. When that happens it’s truly special and that happens within the pages of The Troubles Keeper.The conceit at the heart of how one “trouble keeps” is at once complex (string theory being no one’s idea of a picnic) and welcoming in the way this [...]

  • Thanks to the talented author, Susan May, for the digital ARC of her latest book in exchange for my honest review.I didn't know what to expect when I started reading The Troubles Keeper. I had loved Ms. May's novel, Deadly Messengers, and I wondered if the author's latest book would be as good. It is great! It's a paranormal winner with lots of action, mystery, sci-fi, twists and turns, and a tender romance. Due to Ms. May's lively imagination, writing style, and superb pacing, this book will pu [...]

  • Could NOT put down, the plot twists grab you and do NOT let go until the end, you wish it was longer, that it would go on forever You love the good guys and cheer them as they battle evil. You cheer especially for Rory, for all the courage he musters & fighting he finds the courage & strength for, seemingly out of the blue. This book will keep you guessing, from start to end. I loved every minute of it, was very addicting. I read the kindle version, was flipping pages until I could not k [...]

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