Living In Italy: Hilarious Expat Adventures - How To Survive The Good Life

Living In Italy Hilarious Expat Adventures How To Survive The Good Life Would you dare to follow your dream and move or retire to Italy Stef Nico did although their dog Sara had her doubts Now from your comfortable armchair you can share in the hilarious horrendous adven

  • Title: Living In Italy: Hilarious Expat Adventures - How To Survive The Good Life
  • Author: Stef Smulders Emese Mayhew
  • ISBN: 9781507162965
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Would you dare to follow your dream and move or retire to Italy Stef Nico did, although their dog Sara had her doubts Now from your comfortable armchair you can share in the hilarious horrendous adventures they experienced when they moved to Italy to start a bed and breakfast.For lovers of amusing travelogue memoirs who like a good laugh And for those intereWould you dare to follow your dream and move or retire to Italy Stef Nico did, although their dog Sara had her doubts Now from your comfortable armchair you can share in the hilarious horrendous adventures they experienced when they moved to Italy to start a bed and breakfast.For lovers of amusing travelogue memoirs who like a good laugh And for those interested in practical advice on how to buy a house in Italy there is useful information along the way, pleasantly presented within the short stories.Glossary of Italian words and expressions included Recognition Reader Views 2016 17 Literary Awards WinnerReaders Favorite 2017 Award Winner Travel categoryEric Hoffer Award Finalist2017 ELIT Award Winner Travel categoryNew York Amsterdam Book Festival Honourable Mentions 4.4 Average Customer Review 100 reviews Ever thought about moving to Italy Think again And do it anyway Read about the hilarious and horrendous adventures of two Dutchmen and their dog who took the plunge and nearly drowned Did you like Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes Then this another great read for you The story is situated in the beautiful but unknown Oltrep Pavese wine region south of Milan With its smooth hills, medieval castles, ancient villages and endless vineyards it is called the Tuscany of the North of Italy Read the stories and discover another hidden gem of Italy Readers Favorite 5 stars review A thoroughly entertaining read and a unique introduction to the Italian way In 2008 the author emigrated to Italy, bringing husband and dog along, to start Bed Breakfast Villa I Due Padroni But a lot of hurdles had to be taken before the first guests could be accommodated.In this book Stef reports about his adventures in buying and reconstructing the house, obtaining a tax number and a bank account, registering at the commune and at the national health service, importing their car and a range of other things that led to a myriad of bureaucratic troubles These problems were always resolved in a truly Italian fashion, leading to raised Dutch eyebrows and hilarious scenes.About mafiose real estate agents, Mussolini type builders, lousy plumbers, Italian neighbours and much As a reader you will encounter a range of characteristic Italians, from sympathetic to villainous, from moving to shameless Real Italians of flesh and blood, sometimes clich , sometimes surprisingly original But always worth encountering.Readers Favorite a comical, often downright hilarious account Stef writes in a style all his own that keeps you riveted and thoroughly entertained the true essence of the Italian people without falling into the usual stereotypes

    • Living In Italy: Hilarious Expat Adventures - How To Survive The Good Life « Stef Smulders Emese Mayhew
      387 Stef Smulders Emese Mayhew
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    Dutchman who moved to Italy in 2008 to live the good life wih husband and dog, welcoming guests in their Villa I Due Padroni BB in the beautiful wine region Oltrep Pavese, south of Milan.Author of the Award winning book Living in Italy the Real Deal with hilarious expat adventures Sneak Preview at Living in Italy the Real Deal


  • Wow, what an adventure that was! I actually felt like it was me who bought a house in the beautiful wine region of Oltrepo in Italy and developed it into a Bed and Breakfast! I felt so involved in all the stages of the intricate procedures and building activities! "Living in Italy - The Real Dream" written by Stef Smulders is a self told book about two Dutchmen and their dog, who wish to emigrate to Italy to buy a house with the intentions of turning it into a B and B.I loved the way this intere [...]

  • Well, if I ever get to the Lombardy region of Italy, this is where I'll stay.Great views, great food, friendly innkeepers, one of whom is the author of this book. Stef and his husband Nico go to Italy for 6 months so Stef can get his master's degree at the University of Pravia. They fall in love with the area, buy a fixer-upper to renovate into a B&B, and you can guess the rest! Figuring out a new country, learning a new language, living in a home that is under renovation, going to school, d [...]

  • The author has written a very humorous account of he and his partner's purchase of a property in Italy, and the development of it into a bed and breakfast. I laughed out loud several times while reading it, and marveled at the patience they had dealing with the Italian bureaucracy, neighbors, and especially their crazy contractor. This is not your typical "dreamer/lost soul/jilted lover buys a rundown house in the Italian/French/etc countryside" and it's usual accompanying finding romance/true p [...]

  • I am enamored with Italy. I enjoyed reading about the adventures of the author, Stef Smulders, and his partner, Nico, in opening a bed and breakfast in Italy. I have read a few other books that detail the challenges of moving to this beautiful country. This one provided delightful evidence that it would be best to just visit rather than make a permanent move. I do think a visit to this enchanting bed and breakfast should be added to my bucket list.

  • I was curious when I read the synopsis, of how Stef and Nico left The Netherlands to live in Italy running a B&B. I had resisted the temptation to visit the website to see the before and after pictures, though I had seen a glimpse of them. I wanted to read this book and build up my own image, from the descriptions Stef was going to describe on the pages of his book.What started in 2007 with looking for a property to the end result of a beautiful home is remarkable, especially as you read all [...]

  • What a delight! Stef Smulders keeps his wits about him in the middle of his escapade of turning a house in the countryside into a beautiful bed and breakfast. Stef's humor seemed to help. This is definitely an entertaining look at a couple who decides to go after their dream with everything they have, and battling contractors, language barriers and bureaucracy along the way. Their home and new business is complete, and the after photos are amazing! On a side note, we are going to Italy (here, sh [...]

  • This is a well written journal style non-fiction tale of a couple of Dutch ex-pats, Stef and Nico, who decide to take the plunge and buy a run down house in what sounds like a beautiful part of Italy and create their new life as B&B owners. With a smattering knowledge of the language they negotiate their way through the bureaucracy, endless delays, and exasperation with the local characters who populate their new reality which makes for a series of pretty funny episodes. And yes-Virginia- Th [...]

  • A delightful and hilarious book that made me wish I could be in Italy right now. This is the first book of its kind that I have read and it has made me excited to read more from this genre.

  • Ever since Under the Tuscan Sun, I have thought that is my other life, my intended life. But after reading this book, I don't think I want to purchase an old house in Italy that needs work. This book made me realize that Italy is what I always thought it was, a relaxed, easy going culture where everything is no problem but can take 10 times longer to get done. Well written. If I'm ever back in Italy, I might have to find this B&B and stay a few nights.I received this book from Stef Smulders [...]

  • It is not exactly ‘La Dolce Vita,’ if you want to relocate to a different country and open a B&B. This is what Dutch author Stef Smulders and his partner found out and wrote a book about it. The couple faced more complications than expected during their move from the Netherlands to northern Italy. For anyone who has this in mind, the book will be an eye-opener.As I have moved several times in my life to new cultures and idyllic places, I could fully relate to the problems they faced and [...]

  • Cute little book! Really makes me wish I lived in Italy, hahah. Realistic, adorable, cute, and fun. I admire people who can dive in, and I'm even happier when they present a realistic account of the situation, rather than something unrealistic and "pie in the sky." Easy to read, quick and easy. I still have dreams of moving to Italy (or anywhere, really) but thankful for the experiences of those who take the risk when the rest of us can't (or won't.)

  • Entertaining and informative story about living in another country. Chapters made me laugh out loud while others made me sad for the author. Wow, what abundant patience the author had to cope with the all the red tape. A must read before embarking on the idea of living abroad.Thank you to librarything and the author for a copy of this book.

  • “Non ci sono problemi!”Netherlands author Stef Smulders is a Dutch expat who moved to Italy in 2008, accompanied by his husband Nico and dog Saar, to start their bed and breakfast Villa I Due Padroni in the Oltrepo Pavese wine region, just south of Milan. Originally published in Dutch in 2014, Emese Mayhew has translated this fresh version into English.As Stef explained in an Interview, ‘I moved from The Netherlands to Italy in 2008, originally for what was supposed to become a 6 month stu [...]

  • I was sent this book by the author after he read a review of another book that I had written. He did not ask for a review. He guessed right about my tastes. I really enjoyed it. It fits neatly into the "people emigrate to a new country to set up a new business and what befalls them" category. This time it is two Dutchmen moving to Italy to create a b & b. What befalls them is a stream of bureaucracy and form filling and. most critically, a builder called Tordi. I was amazed at their patience [...]

  • I know moving to another country has many challenges, but these two unflappable fellows give new meaning to the word grit. I read this book because I love Italy and have designs on possibly moving there someday (or maybe England?). I had to put it down for long periods at a time because I was getting so deflated with all the difficulties the Italians put in your way, but I had to finish it to get to the happy ending. I am really impressed by the life they've made for themselves, and maybe if I h [...]

  • 'How to' should be 'How we'. It wasn't a terrible read but a bit too: this, then this, then this. BUT if anyone is dreaming of romantic renovation and carefree adventures in Italian home ownership, this should cure them of it.

  • As someone who has also crossed (it seems) infinite cultural bridges to move to another country, I could more than empathise with Stef, the author of "Living in Italy." It's a captivating book, in that if you've ever traveled abroad for longer than a normal vacation-acceptable period - you know exactly what he's going through. Red tape and bureaucracy aren't traits of moving just unique to Germany - it's those little irritating moments that exist no matter where you move. I found myself smiling [...]

  • Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/16)Article first published as Book Review: ‘Living in Italy: The Real Deal – How to Survive the Good Life’ by Stef Smulders on Blogcritics.“Living in Italy: The Real Deal – How to Survive the Good Life” by Stef Smulders is the sensational story about a couple’s emigration to Italy to start a new life. Readers witness first-hand the vicissitudes of moving to a new country and adjusting to the local bureaucratic officials, systems, and [...]

  • The ex-pats in this memoirs about moving to Italy come from The Netherlands. The couple purchased a property and renovated it into their new home, and two rental properties to provide an income in their adopted land. European Union legislation makes their move to Italy simpler than it would be for non-EU residents, but in Italy that is not saying much!Their stories about finding and buying the property, and then renovating it, show that things that may be very straight forward in some countries [...]

  • Even before Frances Mayes enticed readers to visit Italy, I fell in love with all things Italian. My dream was realized in 2005 with a trip to Italy, alone, for 22 days. I stayed in a home much like Stef and Nico’s for 8 days, took cooking classes with the local Italian Mama’s, and have longed to go back since I boarded the plane to come back. To me that is the ultimate American dream – but I can see that it is really an International dream, too; living la dolce vita. Stef Smulders book Li [...]

  • Ever since I was fifteen years old, I’ve been in love with all things Italy. At one time, I wanted to emigrate there and live like the Italians do. Authors like Frances Mayes and Jan Morris fed my heart’s desire and now I can add Stef Smulders to the list of my favorite ex-pat authors.In 2008, Stef and his husband, Nico, decided to take the plunge and emigrate to Northern Italy and open a bed and breakfast. Although they did their research back in the Netherlands, it’s never as easy as all [...]

  • I received an advance copy of this book from the author. I read a number of expat-type books, and have enjoyed both Frances Mayes and Peter Mayles. Smulders said that he patterned his book after Under the Tuscan Sun and while the subject matter is rather similar, the writing style is all his own. I enjoyed reading about his adventures in renovation, starting up the B&B, and settling into the new town. My own criticism is that the book probably should have been about 100 pages longer. I kept [...]

  • Meer Italiaanse toestanden is een feest van herkenning, zowel in de positieve belevenissen als in de negatieve.Bij het lezen van dit boek had ik toch een beetje gevoel van gedeelde smart is halve smart, we zijn niet de enige die constant in Italië tegen bureaucratie, onbetrouwbare aannemers en VVE-beheerders en dergelijke aanlopen.Daarentegen zijn ook de leuke verhalen herkenbaar, net of ik naar mijn eigen blog (palazzottomontecchio.) over onze belevenissen in ons dorp zit te kijken, ook al won [...]

  • A charming book about the experiences of two Dutchmen settling in Italy, and their attempts relocate to the Pavia area and renovate an old building to run a B&B. Clearly two highly organised and meticulous people, we follow their fortunes as with great forbearance they wend their way through inexplicably complicated regulations and officialdom and have to grapple with the vagaries of Italian services. This is all described with great humour, and although what I have said might make the book [...]

  • I was asked to review this by the author. As a fan of the Olive series by Carol Drinkwater and had recently read and Chickens Eat Pasta, I was interested in life in Italy.The story is about a couple ( Stef and Nico) from Holland and their dog, going to live in Italy and live the dream.How these two actually persevered was a wonder and a joy to read, the bureaucracy - you can never imagine until you read this fascinating book. I read this on my winter hoiliday so with the warm sunshine and palm w [...]

  • I was delighted to receive a copy of this book from the author, Stef Smulders.It's a very entertaining account of the author's move from the Netherlands to Italy with his partner where they planned to buy property and establish a Bed & Breakfast business, eventually named Villa i Due Padroni, in the little hamlet of Spagna in the Pavia province of Italy.They seem to have encountered many obstacles, especially given Italian rules and regulations and their crafty builder, but the story is told [...]

  • I received an advance copy of Living in Italy: The Real Deal and I have just finished reading it. It is a collection of short vignettes chronicling a Dutch couple's trials in a move from the Netherlands to purchase and set up their B&B in a northern Italy wine region. I felt their pain and frustration and also laughed along with them. Since I live in Italy, I enjoy reading books about my adopted home. I always learn something and I can commiserate with the writers in the many obstacles that [...]

  • I have read the English version of this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a topic about which there are many volumes; however, the author's literary skills bring a fresh and interesting approach and many opportunities to laugh (or fret) along with him as he and his spouse renovate a lovely Italian villa. The characters with whom they find themselves interacting come alive and you leave the reading feeling as though they have become acquaintances of yours as well. Very well written in a sty [...]

  • The book was written in a very conversational tone and throughout the book, the author added in different Italian phases or words with the description of what it meant without breaking the conversational flow of the book. One of the greatest things I was pleasantly surprised about was that at the back of the book there was an entire glossary of all the Italian words used in the book and what they meant in English. For a more detailed review, visit my blog: goofycorino/2016/11/10/bo

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