Love, Hate & Us

Love Hate Us Brody and Brooke sitting in a tree K I S S I N G We grew up thinking that our future was set in stone We were wrong Turns out there is a thin line between love and hate Then there is us Brooke never

  • Title: Love, Hate & Us
  • Author: S.P. West
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  • Page: 214
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  • Brody and Brooke, sitting in a tree.K I S S I N G We grew up thinking that our future was set in stone.We were wrong.Turns out there is a thin line between love and hate.Then there is us.Brooke never imagined a life away from Emmerton She never pictured a life without her childhood sweetheart, Brody But when Brody does the unthinkable Brooke s world is turned upside downBrody and Brooke, sitting in a tree.K I S S I N G We grew up thinking that our future was set in stone.We were wrong.Turns out there is a thin line between love and hate.Then there is us.Brooke never imagined a life away from Emmerton She never pictured a life without her childhood sweetheart, Brody But when Brody does the unthinkable Brooke s world is turned upside down Unable to watch as Brody moves on with his life, she decides to start afresh Unfortunately, leaving her past behind is not a easy as she thought, especially when her past wants her back.

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    S.P West has been many things in life and has been called many things by other people A proud mum, a wife, an introvert who loves to read, a former bellydancer, and servant to couple of feline overlords Having made up stories since she was a wee lass she decided to have a stab at writing Starting out writing a few fan fiction stories, she give herself the goal to write a full length story her debut novel, Life Without You, is the result Then she wrote another one.


  • 4 STARSS.P. West delivers a tale of childhood sweethearts who seem to have it all. Brooke and Brody are the perfect couple until Brody drops a bomb dick move on Brooke thinking that the grass is greener elsewhere."I’ve only ever known life with Brooke. Is it so wrong that I want something different? ”The story is told in both character’s povs and I very much enjoyed the writing and even though Brody greatly messed up with Brooke, this is a second chance romance and the man does have moves. [...]

  • Yet another POS masquerading as an H. Yet another h pimped out by all the secondary characters to accept the slime swiller back cause she was so mean to him and he was so hurt.Srsly? What a waste of my time and what a weak coprophagic excuse for a male. She needed to move on and move up and he needed a toilet seat to the head. He really should have stuck with the town skank, that is about all he was worth.So the story in a nutshell -The h and H are high school sweeties who build a life together [...]

  • ***FIVE STARS***I’m absolutely, one hundred percent, completely smitten with this story. I made the huge mistake of starting this story when I went to bed last night, and ended up staying up most of the night because I couldn’t put it down. I read until I couldn’t keep my eyes opened, then got up first thing this morning and read until the end. I adored every second of it!Serious spoilers below. Definitely don't read if you are going to read this story later. (view spoiler)[Omg, Brody was [...]

  • Rough read.I guess it was hard for me to let the heroine forgive the hero. The kind of cheating he did was despicable. I don't think I would have recovered from that ever. I know a lot of people out there that can't deal with cheating in their romance books. However, it is a reality and it happens all the time in real life. But as a theme for a book, it just makes it harder for the writer to redeem the cheaters in their stories. In this case, I think it was a fail for me and here are the reasons [...]

  • dnf @ 49%this was good to start and all was going well. a little angsty and i was liking it but then we find out the reason brody has for breaking up with brooke and for this reader the story quickly took a tumble into cheese city. (view spoiler)[blackmail, cheating (no issue with cheating in my books) but here it was gross. he cheats with the same chick that his brother slept with ultimately cheating on his gf at the time who was also this heroine's sister (ew) and the woman is also the hoe his [...]

  • This is a ranty review… why? BECAUSE FUCK YOU BRODY THAT’S WHY. Brody has doubts about the future with his childhood sweetheart, Brooke, and feels suffocated by their relationship. He pulls a disappearing act, needing to reconsider his life while Brooke is desperate and out of her mind trying to find her fiancé. Upon Brody’s return he announces that he wants to see what is out there, play the field (which he feels he never got a chance to do given the duration of their relationship) and f [...]

  • I loved writing Brooke and Brody. I loved writing Jake.I loved writing Cade and Hope.I loved writing the whole thing.Some of it made me laugh out loud, some of it made me cry as I wrote. Within it you'll real life situations and real life conversations (I won't tell you what.)Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

  • I liked this story, it was not a repeat of the same old storylines. Even though it's not listed as part of a series I'm sure there will be spin off. At least I hope so!

  • I really loved this book. Glad the heroine didn't immediately take him back. Hope to see Caden and Hope get their book and also I want Jake to get a happily ever after.

  • AMAZINGThis book was so good I stayed up until 2am last night reading and had to get up early to find out how it ended! For the first time ever in writing a review and I had to look up and contact the author about Life Without You. Can't wait to read her next book!

  • Brooke and Brody should stay far away from one another because both think with their heart instead of head. Or they do but with low IQ. Who knows?Brody wanted a break. Understandable. He have been in the small town for far too long. But, before doing so, he dissapeared for 11 days. Instead of staying with that plot, West threw in Joeyln to spice thing up.And when things start to get better for both MC, another plot. Something to do about infertility. And even before that got out, guess who make [...]

  • 3.5ish. Wow, this was rough. Long time couple break up because he feels like he's missing out on "experiencing life" aka being with other women, you can imagine the drama/angst that entails. I will say he grovels and fights to get her back, but what he put her through at the beginning of the book is just shy of unforgivable.

  • I have to say, I am very surprised I liked this book only because I did not care for Ms. West last book. But this book was pretty good. I really liked that the h was strong in this one, except towards the end when she kinda forgot that she wasn't 16 years old any longer and started acting like an immature brat when the H was trying to explain the horrible situation out to her. but over all the book was awesome. OW trying to cause trouble. ✔️, H groveling, ✔️, H has a best side kick who i [...]

  • Love, Hate & Us is another winner by S.P. West. I went through so many emotions with this book. I felt SO much anger (toward a certain someone), heartbreak, love… but then again, it is those feelings that make me so engrossed in the story. I will say this, Brody was not near as bad as Alex was in LWY (lol I still love you, Alex). As upset as I was at first, I ended up loving Brody and Brooke together. They were clearly meant to be. Also, I loved the side characters and would love to hear m [...]

  • Not for me. This started off with promise but deteriorated pretty quickly. One dimensional characters. Bad dialogue. Unbelievable illogical storyline.

  • Once again SP West has given us a book that rips my heart out. This story made me go through a range of emotions like only SP's can. This book is fully deserving of the five stars I'm giving it.

  • I will admit I ugly cried. this book tore my heart out, kicked it, kissed it, drop kicked it, and then some how made it all better. Brooke and Brody have been together for years. Something changed and Brody wants out. He wants to explore and live a little. Brooke just wants Brody, like always. Brooke and Brody.Brody still loves Brooke, he knows he hurt her, it's killing him. But he did it to protect her and everyone else. If only she understood, but now he can't find her and he is lost. When the [...]

  • There is nothing more annoying than adults behaving like stupid teenegers. Or there is but right now that is on my mindMaybe author wanted create some kind of big boom so story would go on and yes there are stupid things that adults do but come on, this was too much for me. But I kept reading wondering where this is going. For some serious shit this was very shallow and unfinished read with absolutely idiotic and unbelievable characters. Like one of those teens dramas on tv, you can not believe [...]

  • I wanted to give this writter another shot , but by reading the review she still writes asshole hero who are not redeemable and weak heroine , who suffer a lot .

  • Escape into My Reads Book BlogLove, Hate and Us is a fun, hot and revengeful second chance romcom. Brody and Brooke were always meant to be together. When Brody goes awol Brooke is left a mess trying to make sense of his absence when last she knew they were heading for marriage. His return sets them on a path of heartbreak as Brody questions his life and breaks Brooke’s heart. What follows is a love hate relationship under the same roof until Brody goes too far and Brooke leaves him behind. Th [...]

  • I'm a bit of a pessimistic glutton out for books that make me feel the dark side of feelings that pents up, explodes but eventually needs to artfully release into a semblance of acceptable, yeah - that's - good, closure. A lot of angst-filled, tragic drama books can start off really well with the whole betrayed MC thing, but the dilemma or the tragedy keeps building and building until we forget what the point of the story was and even worse, the author just patches up the serious emotional suici [...]

  • I found this book on grovelling thread. **Spoiler alert**Not much grovelling here it's a okey read keeps you interested. But Brooke kept playing the victim card which was fucken annoying.At first I felt bad for her but then a nagging WHY question kept popping up to me. The problem here is that Brooke just loved playing the victim or running away and pretending she was never at fault. Plus she never cares to question. WHY? Which is the most weirdest thing of all.In general after tears, heartache, [...]

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