Navigators Episode of LeVar Burton ReadsA single father and his son connect with games They just started a new game with a play style and narrative unlike any they have played before

  • Title: Navigators
  • Author: Mike Meginnis LeVar Burton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Episode 10 of LeVar Burton ReadsA single father and his son connect with games They just started a new game with a play style and narrative unlike any they have played before.

    • Navigators - Mike Meginnis LeVar Burton
      316 Mike Meginnis LeVar Burton
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  • Mike Meginnis LeVar Burton

    Mike Meginnis has published stories in Best American Short Stories 2012, The Collagist, PANK, and many others He contributes regularly to HTML Giant and Kill Screen, and plays collaborative text adventures at exitsare He earned his MFA at New Mexico State University, where he served as a managing editor of Puerto del Sol for two years He coedits Uncanny Valley Press with his wife, Tracy Rae Bowling Mike lives and works in Iowa City He has never seen the ocean.


  • I have this five stars because I really liked the premise of the fictional RPG father and son play in this short story. The themes that come out of it are unique and thought-provoking. It reminded me of my childhood gaming experiences with my father and brother, and even my mother on occasion. Found this through the Levar Reads podcast.

  • The Navigators is a wonderful short story about a single father and his son, as they bond over a strange video game, the likes of which they’ve never seen before. Mike Meginnis is another author I would likely never have stumbled upon without the Levar Burton Reads Podcast. I loved this story. I loved the relationship between the two characters. I loved the concept of a video game that hobbles you as you progress. I loved the philosophical questions that the characters confront through the gam [...]

  • 5.0⭐ "She's Defenseless." ** Contains Spoilers** On this, the ninth installment (tenth episode) of Sticher podcast's LeVar Burton Reads, we're gifted with "Navigators" by Mike Meginnis. This story is gamer nostalgia and the aesthetic is western poverty (for me, very nostalgic, I'm sorry to say I ate one too many meals like the ones Meginnis mentioned in this story). The story was perfect. I don't say that a lot. It was my second favorite read from this podcast. I think, for me, for people in m [...]

  • Absolutely wonderful story about a boy and his father and their interactions through a video game called "Legend of Silence." The game is about a girl who, as the game goes on, picks up "powerups" that actually drain or hinder her power in an attempt to reach nirvana. The story arc of the game is mirrored a bit in the boy's and father's life, which seems to be lower middle class. It's a quiet, lovely story. Levar Burton's analysis and reflection at the end of the story are, as always, helpful an [...]

  • Thought-provoking and emotional, this story maps a father and son's journey through a video game known as Legend of Silence. This game is unlike traditional games where you pick up items and gain powerups. Instead, with each item picked up, the character in the game loses her abilities. The character's slow unraveling is reflected in their real lives as well. I listened to this story on LeVar Burton Reads podcast. It's not one of my favorites, but does raise some interesting questions about life [...]

  • A story about a father and a son playing a game, in which instead of leveling up, the characters levels downs, losing equipment and powers the further you go.At the same time, they are running out of food and the gas has been shut off, although I wasn't quite sure if this was happening as a result of them spending all their time playing or merely simultaneously.While hearing this, I really wanted to play the game; it was such a simple, yet novel concept, but I think the deeper layers of the stor [...]

  • This is one of those short stories where you just think, "wow, I wish I had come up with that premise." The premise for the game is intensely though provoking, and the way in which it parallels (or contrasts) the life that the boy and father are living are just incredible. I deeply enjoyed this story, more than most. I do also think having Levar Burton reading it helped me to get a great feel for the story, this one especially.

  • LeVar Buton Reads #9 - A father and son bond over a peculiar RPG. Their real lives are plagued by poverty and the unexplained absence of the mother/wife, as they lose themselves in a video game world where the heroine is gradually weakened as she quests for Nirvana. The video game was the most interesting part of the story, as the rest felt a little cliché to me.

  • This was just okay to me. It made me very sad to hear about the father and son's lives, and how pathetic they were. I do like books that don't always end happily, but this was tough to hear since it was a kid struggling. I'm also not into gaming, so with both those things - it just wasn't my cuppa tea.

  • This story was read on one of the LeVar Burton's podcasts. I really thought the story was about the video game that the father and son were playing together and when that turned out not to be the case, I felt like I missed the point of the story.

  • A very vivid, haunting story about a father and son struggling to find meaning in a life without the boy's mother. I only recently experienced what it's like to play a Dungeons and Dragons-esque game, and this story brilliantly builds off of that type of game as well as FPS gaming.

  • Listened via LeVar Burton Reads podcast. (#10)Again, I liked the premise more than the result. It might have worked better in a longer format, but it felt like the author was trying to cram too much meaning and symbolism into a single short story and lost something along the way.

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