After the Kiss

After the Kiss Margaret Esterly is desperate and desperation can lead to shocking behavior Beautiful and gently bred she was the essence of prim proper English womanhood until fate widowed her and thrust her into

  • Title: After the Kiss
  • Author: Karen Ranney
  • ISBN: 9780380812981
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Margaret Esterly is desperate and desperation can lead to shocking behavior Beautiful and gently bred, she was the essence of prim, proper, English womanhood until fate widowed her and thrust her into the poverty overnight Now she finds herself at a dazzling masked ball, determined to sell a volume of scandalous memoirs to the gala s noble host But amid the heated fantaMargaret Esterly is desperate and desperation can lead to shocking behavior Beautiful and gently bred, she was the essence of prim, proper, English womanhood until fate widowed her and thrust her into the poverty overnight Now she finds herself at a dazzling masked ball, determined to sell a volume of scandalous memoirs to the gala s noble host But amid the heated fantasy of the evening, Margaret boldly, impetuously, shares a moment of passion with a darkly handsome gentlemand then flees into the night.Who was this exquisite creature who swept into Michael Hawthorne s arms and then vanished The startled, yet pleasingly stimulated Earl of Montraine is not about to forget the intoxicating woman of mystery so easily especially since Michael s heart tells him that he has at last found his perfect bride But once he locates her again, will he be able to convince the reticent lady that their moment of ecstasy was no mere accidentd that just one kiss can lead to paradise.

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    I m a writer who s been privileged to have attained the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists Although I ve primarily written historical romance, I ve also written contemporary romantic suspense, a murder mystery, and I m having a wonderful time writing about a vampire who is being challenged by her new state of being The Montgomery Chronicles The Fertile Vampire and The Reluctant Goddess coming March 12, 2015 I believe in the power of the individual, the magnificence of the human spirit, and always looking for the positive in any situation I write about people who have been challenged by life itself but who win in the end.Newsletter karenranney subscribe warmFacebook facebook WriterKarenRaWebsite karenranneyEmail karen karenranneyTwitter Karen_Ranney


  • A new found fixation with my Kindle, contemporaries & MM had me set this aside for quite some while and I do regret it because it is a beautifully written book full of rich imagery, sensual scenes and a H/h who are actual adults and ones anyone would be glad to know as they are smart, funny and able to have direct conversations. There are no Big misunderstandings but real actual conflict that is resolved in a non Fairy-God-Mother kind of way. Plus there are passages like this: "Until she'd k [...]

  • Definitivamente, esta autora no es para mi. Aunque parecía que iba a estar bien, ha llegado un punto de la historia que me ha empezado a cansar.

  • I loved, loved this story. I was glued to it until the end, and then I read it again. Original plot, loved that the hero was not a super-rich-titled-Earl and on the contrary, was financially pressed not only to work but to look for a heiress to marry. I loved the quiet, principled heroine who did not -surprise- grated my nerves and was a perfect match for the hero. The side, simple mystery plot served its purpose for the romance plot. Excellent writing, romantic, a keeper.HERO is a Performer, wi [...]

  • Vou relatar com as próprias palavras da autora sobre o romance entre uma viúva paupérrima e um conde (Montraine) que era conhecido por sua seriedade e sua entrega ao trabalho e por honrar seus compromissos.1-Era um homem cuja vida solitária lhe resultava bastante familiar.2- O destino foi direto a Margaret quando ela pegou uma caixa com os eróticos Livros de Agustin antes de pular pela janela enquanto seu lar, seu esposo morria queimado num assassinato cruel.3-Para ela ele era um homem inte [...]

  • The first 150 pages of this book were amazing! I couldn’t put it down! It was such a page-turner. Then it slowed way down. It became pretty boring and predictable. Also, I felt like the hero changed, and I became angry with him. Average historical romance. Not the best Karen Ranney book out there.Margaret Esterly is a widow. Michael Hawthorne, Earl of Montraine, happens to meet Margaret quite by chance and becomes instantly obsessed with her (overthrowing his reserved, planned life as a crypto [...]

  • I enjoyed this Regency romance and found it a bit different than those I've read before. Michael, especially, was the character that was different for me. He avoided the Ton and really didn't care what they thought of him. He was facing financial problems and needed to marry an heiress to solve those problems, but in the end there was no miracle salvation that occurred to bail his family out. He decided to choose love and live with economies instead.

  • Romantic, generous, mysterious and just so beautiful to read <31 trong những quyển sách điên cuồng, say mê nhất mà mình từng đọc. Cảm xúc ẩn trong từng câu chữ. Mình nhớ lúc mình đọc quyển này là khoảng đầu năm nhất - lúc đó vẫn còn trong sáng thánh thiện lắm :"> - mỗi lần đọc là lại đỏ mặt vì nó hot lắm :D Bây giờ thì không còn đỏ mặt r nhưng vẫn rất thích cảm xúc nồng nàn của quyển [...]

  • I don't really read 1980's "alphole" romances because I know the hero will have an attitude that I cannot stand. Often, he rapes the heroine and I have a hard time believing any sort of turn around from that. But at least it's honest. You know what you're getting into. It's the more modern romances that bother me. In this book, Margaret does not want to go with the hero. He goes to her little village and risks her reputation in order to ask her to spend a week with him. He never once considers w [...]

  • I usually don’t fall for this kind of story: a noble, a privileged, falling in love with a plebeian (a HEA it’s not believable and I dislike the prince syndrome: I’d like to think there were worthy plebeian males). That’s why I usually don’t read regency. But I saw a good review from a GR friend and I gave it a try. I’m happy I did it.In the middle of the book I just fell in love with Margaret and Michael, earl of Montraine. They are wonderful characters, different from what’s usua [...]

  • Pass the Azo, please.Memories Schmemories: After the Kiss by Karen Ranney. Isn't it wonderful when you are hooked from the very first paragraph? From the opening pages to the end, this book was a treat to read. It starts out with a fire in a book store/home of our heroine Margaret. Margaret is able to grab a box by the bedside, awaken her maid Penelope and escape through a window. Margaret's husband is not so lucky, he perishes in the fire. Before this first chapter ends we are also introduced t [...]

  • Después de besarte es una novela que, a través de personajes sencillos y situaciones que no se alejan de lo usual, teje una historia intensa que te cautiva con facilidad, en la que abundan la sensualidad y la dulzura. A través de sus páginas asistimos al sutil cambio de Michael y Margaret, dos personas que se suponía no estaban destinadas a estar juntas, pero que los caprichos de la providencia parece pensar de otro modo.La evolución de los personajes es lenta y paulatina. Poco a poco, a t [...]

  • I liked this one. This is my second Ranney book and I liked the banter between the characters. Aside from the slight mystery of the journals (which to be honest I forgot about until the reveal) this is very much about the two characters.I thought to a point this type of romance could almost be seen as a contemporary romance. In that, the H/h have a chance encounter, they speak, she almost kisses him and they think about each other for a week. He knowing she must know the host of the ball gets hi [...]

  • THE PROMISE OF A SINGLE KISS Margaret Esterly is desperate - and desperation can lead to shocking behavior! Beautiful and gently-bred, she was the essence of prim, proper English womanhood - until fate widowed her and thrust her into the poverty overnight. Now she finds herself at a dazzling masked ball, determined to sell a volume of scandalous memoirs to the gala's noble host. But amid the heated fantasy of the evening, Margaret boldly, impetuously, shares a moment of passion with a darkly han [...]

  • When I do read romance, I admit to preferring period pieces, but in that preference, I find myself having to huff and puff over certain things. The first is that the period in the piece is probably male dominated and full of male entitlement. The second is that no matter how spunky and sassy the heroine is, she will be put under the heel of the hero at some point. Sure, the hero loves her to death, but that's no reason to force the lady into a corner via verbal or physical means whether intentio [...]

  • A hero Earl that solves cyrillic ciphers for the crown and he has a bit of a puzzle solving mind. So to him, his crazy attraction to the heroine is a puzzle to be solved. Takes him a while to figure he has fallen head over heals. He is ruthlessly relentless in pursuing her. He just doesn't get the why. It was so cute when he held on to one of her gloves after a meeting keeping it close to him. :)The heroine is not of his station, a widow of a duke by blow. She was raised by a governess grandma.I [...]

  • Pleasant regency romance, but not as engaging as I would have liked.I liked the characters: Margaret a poor widow who refused to be a mistress to the man she loved. Margaret didn’t know that her life was in danger due to her possession of three books. Michael was an earl who needed to marry an heiress to support his mother and sisters who spent extravagantly. He was a code breaker for the government in addition to his estate duties. He had no interest in social activities and worked alone most [...]

  • This is another of my rediscoveries after organizing my ebooks. I didn't really remember it at all, even once I started reading it again. It's an example of what Karen Ranney can do really well - thoughtful main characters, with conflicts that don't feel artificial in their relationship, and very sensual sex scenes (without being extremely graphic). The historical accuracy was not a particular strength, with overly-easy overcoming of class boundaries, and there's a code-breaking spy plot (a thin [...]

  • I loved this book! It will be added to my absolute favorites list. Margaret and Michael are two tremendously likable characters with a great relationship. The relationship builds slowly, like most real relationships. His slow seduction of her is extremely erotic. I loved the inner turmoil that they both go through. I was riveted to the book from beginning to endRe-read the book -- just as good the second time. Loved it.

  • Margaret, a widow who is in financial straits, looking for a buyer of a set of books she possesses, runs into the man of her dreams but who is out of her reach. Michael, an Earl who ciphers codes and prefers to keep things uncomplicated in his life, finds a woman who he cannot keep out of his thoughts. Their journey of discovery will warm your heart and keep you turning the next page. I have yet to read a book that Karen has written that is less than wonderful.

  • One of Karen Ranney's top 5 & my all-time favorite books, it has a permanent place on my keeper shelf.Michael has very pressing and practical reasons to make a suitable, successful marriage to a wealthy heiress asap, but he simply can't force himself to give up the woman he loves - no matter the cost. He personifies everything a romance hero should be. Lots of romantic & steamy love scenes, but not the least bit overdone.Sensuality Rating: R

  • I am just discovering this writer. I like her books, The stories don't involve the typical scene involving rakes, wallflowers and ton balls. Her heroes might be nobility but they have interests in shipping and factories and engineering.her heroines are strong characters but must the always be so pitifully poor and dressed in almost rags??? I have only read three books of hers so far so hopefully this will change.Nevertheless, I would love to read any of her other offerings.

  • After the Kiss - VGKaren RanneyNo longer the proper English wife she always was, Margaret kissed a handsome stranger.Now the dashing earl will not rest until the beautiful widow he held in his arms so briefly is his forever.A poor widow of a bookseller with facy journals; an Eart who breaks cyphers--love at first sight. HOT!

  • This book was just ok. I did finish it, but barely. There was alot of verbage about the inner thoughts of the characters and their obsession with each other, but the plot was thin and there was too much sex. It was hard to believe the leap from obsession to love since there was so little contact and conversation between the two characters.

  • A good historical romance, although I didn't LOVE it. Margaret was a very likeable heroine. I am glad that Ranney didn't have her protest too much - she couldn't resist Michael and her actions proved it. Michael was a great hero - strong and passionate and protective, yet humorous and self-depracating as well. The book just didn't have the "WOW" factor for me.

  • It is obvious to me that Karen Ranney is a good author (according to her many fans) but for whatever reason her style of writing doesn't work for me. The theme/plot usually sounds so promising. Unfortunately, I have a hard time getting into the story and staying with it. It wasn't a horrible book or anything, it just didn't pull me in.

  • This was a sensual and wonderfully written book. A chance meeting between Margaret and Michael led both from rationality to irrationality and from logic to emotion. It was an unexpected, unwarranted, and, perhaps, unwanted relationship for both of them, but they simply could not stop themselves from wanting, desiring, and needing the other person.

  • I had read this before but didn't remember until I finished the first chapter. I always enjoy reading Karen Ranney books. She writes with exquisite detail and period, and always with a warmth that wraps around me.

  • I loved this book. Not sure why, I just appreciated the two lead characters and the sensuality of the descriptions.

  • I do not like this author. Very boring and slow. Something awkward about the dialogue. Too focused on the couple. Hard to explain, but doesn't work for me at all.

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