Runaway This diary of a runaway girl and her search for a home celebrates hope resilience and happy endings Holly s run away before but this time she actually gets away and what felt like an escape at firs

  • Title: Runaway
  • Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
  • ISBN: 9780375849121
  • Page: 312
  • Format: ebook
  • This diary of a runaway girl and her search for a home celebrates hope, resilience, and happy endings Holly s run away before, but this time she actually gets away and what felt like an escape at first soon becomes a daily struggle for survival She is smart and resourceful, and she manages to make it across the country on her own But how long can this go on It s gettThis diary of a runaway girl and her search for a home celebrates hope, resilience, and happy endings Holly s run away before, but this time she actually gets away and what felt like an escape at first soon becomes a daily struggle for survival She is smart and resourceful, and she manages to make it across the country on her own But how long can this go on It s getting harder to avoid the truth Holly is now homeless Runaway is a remarkably uplifting portrait of a girl still young and stubborn and naive enough to believe there s a better place for her in the world.From the Hardcover edition.

    • Runaway By Wendelin Van Draanen
      312 Wendelin Van Draanen
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    Wendelin Van Draanen has written than thirty novels for young readers and teens She is the author of the 18 book Edgar winning Sammy Keyes series, and wrote Flipped which was named a Top 100 Children s Novel for the 21st Century by SLJ, and became a Warner Brothers feature film with Rob Reiner directing Her novel The Running Dream was awarded ALA s Schneider Family Award for its portrayal of the disability experience.Van Draanen is also the author of two short chapter book series The Gecko Sticky books, are fun read alouds, perfect for reluctant readers, and the Shredderman books featuring a boy who deals with a bully received the Christopher Award for affirming the highest values of the human spirit and became a Nickelodeon made for TV movie.Van Draanen was a classroom teacher for fifteen years She and her husband reside in California and have two sons.


  • Runaway is another book picked for me at random at the library by my daughter. More often than not, she comes up with good stuff. That's probably a testament as much to the librarians as it is to my daughter, but stillRunaway is a sequel, of sorts, to another book that Van Draanen wrote (Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy), but in no way is it necessary to have read that first. In fact, I'd recommend against reading Sammy Keyes first, as knowing what happens in that book would be spoilers for [...]

  • I really liked this book beacuse the reader was able to get into the mind of character. The author does this well by using 1st person narrative. I also like that the book was written in diary from because it made me fee closer to the character. I found it interestng how the chracter refered to herself as a sea gypse(sp?) instead of a homeless girl. In the book the character also says how much he hates doing certain things when she really likes them such as writing poetry. The character also seem [...]

  • I just happened to randomly start reading this book a few months ago. After reading about 60 pages into it, I knew I would HAVE to finish it. Holly, the main character, has a powerful voice and instantly makes you pay attention. She's twelve years old, but I initially thought she was at least sixteen. This makes sense though since Holly has been through mountains of problems and has had to mature quickly. She's been in and out of foster homes for years ever since her mother died of a drug overdo [...]

  • Runaway By: Wenddelin Van Draanen.This story is about a foster girl, she lives with her foster parents who make her sleep in the laundry room when shes a "bad girl" After her foster dad shoves her head in the toilet and flushes several times, shes had enough.She runaway.Read this book to find out the type of horror and fear she faces.All she wants is a good family and house to love and live in.Is that too much to ask?I guess it is when your mother died bc of heroin.Read this book to find out if [...]

  • Joe BrickerRomaniuk/MoyerReading/L.A. Book Review 828 January 2011Runaway:Follow The Yellow Brick Road “It’s never too late- in fiction or in life- to revise.” This quote from Nancy Thayer describes this book. In Runaway, by Wendelin Van Draanen, Holley Janquel is a runaway. A minor who has left the care of an adult. In the beginning of this realistic fiction book, Holly receives a journal from her teacher, Ms. Leone, who instructs her to write down her feelings. Holly’s mother and fathe [...]

  • Imagine living your entire life without a house or someone to trust. That is how 12 year old Holly lives her life on the road.The genre of Runaway is realistic fiction. I liked this book a lot because it talks about an adventure & a amazing journey. The setting of my book is wherever Holly decides to travel, like LA and Nevada. It takes place in the present. This is important because it makes the story less fictional because people can relate. All Holly really wanted was just a family and a [...]

  • Olivia Gonzalesp.1 Waxman Review no. 2 -Runaway Runaway by Wendelin Van Draanen is the powerful story of a young girl named Holly Janquell who has been deemed “unadoptable” and constantly runs away from her foster homes. When she faces some cruel events in one of them, she runs away to the western beaches, calling herself a “sea gypsy” as she dislikes the word homeless. Throughout all of her experiences Holly keeps a journal that her teacher told her to write in at the beginning of the y [...]

  • Twelve year-old's Holly's life is horrific, to say the least. Her father died before she was born. Her mother was a drug addict who OD'd. Her current set of step parents routinely lock her in the basement and flush her head in the toilet. And she can deal with all of that, but when her stepfather refuses to stop touching her, she decides to runaway, this time for good. She travels across the country, stowing away in bus cargo holds and trains, sleeping in parks, libraries and shelters, hoping to [...]

  • For everyone who hasn't read the book,“Runaway”, you’re really missing out. This book of sadness and misery is written by “Wendelin Van Draanen”. Holly Janquell (the main character) goes through so much throughout this book, between living in the Benders terrible foster home, and running away having to scavenge for food everyday and night. This book is written from the perspective of what Holly writes inside her journal. She (Holly) writes in her journal very frequently, pretending the [...]

  • Runaway was a very inspiring book to me because it showed me that anything is possible and if you try you have a chance of making something happen. This book was also very moving with her diary entries and I loved that about this book. I would recommend this book to anyone.

  • I picked up Wendelin Van Draanen's Runaway because it's a spin-off from her Sammy Keyes mystery series. (I may have mentioned the Sammy Keyes series once or twice on --or 5,000 times. Runaway tells the backstory of a homeless girl named Holly that Sammy meets in Book #3, Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy. After Book #3, Holly becomes a regular character in the series.)At first the writing in Runaway didn't appeal to me. The story is told in diary form, with Holly writing entries in a journal [...]

  • The runaway by wendelin van draanen starts off with holly janquel a foster child. Her foster parents are abusive and treat her badly.She gets bullied at school and feels stupid.So her teacher feels she needs to pay extra attention to holly. And has her write in it to get her feelings out. At first holly hates the idea but soon she finds herself writing init.After being locked up in her room (the laundry room) because she was “bad” she decides it's time to leave. holly being adventurous runs [...]

  • The main reason why i chose this book is becuase it is in a journaling formal i feel reading book in this kind of format are really really intresting. this book was amazing and really gave me a differnt view on homeless people becuase i never had mercey for them i just felt that there were all drunks and drug addicts and this book really changed my thinking for the good. the main character is a bitter teenager but theres a reason for that she has been in and out of abusive homes shes practicly b [...]

  • I really enjoyed reading “Runaway By Wendelin Van Draanen” because it allowed me to view what life is like for someone who is struggling on a daily basis. Although this book is fiction some of the events in the story seem as if they could be realistic.The book is written in journal entry format and is very detailed there is no boundary limits which makes this a good book. There is always something new happening it's like the drama never ends in this book. Runaway is about a young adolescent [...]

  • This book was about how a young girl is being mistreated by her foster parents. She lives with a creepy old perverted freak, and a women who thinks that she is from a juvenile delinquency. She sleeps on a blanket on the floor, and she ha no pillow, no bed, and no freedom to do anything. Her foster parents treat like a stranger, not even strangers, because they don't even give her enough food to eat.And poor Holly is being accused of activities that she didn't do. Holly had enough, She is going t [...]

  • Holly runs away after being mistreated by her foster family. She doesn’t have a specific destination, just southwest. Holly is always on the run, so she can never stop to settle down anywhere. Holly keeps track of her entire experience through her journal; in it she is writes to her old teacher Mrs. Leone. This book made me think about how good I have it. In this book Holly had to steal and lie to survive. She also had to go a couple days without food. Holly had a very difficult journey, survi [...]

  • this is one of my ALL-TMIE favorite booksis book is about a girl, and she is kinda of lost in the world, and has no say what-so-ever of where she is. She is in foster care, but her "care-takers" are not the best. They are mean, and brutl to her. She ends up running away from them , and meeting all sorts of people, and running into all sortds of trouble. This book taught me so much becuase, this young girl was living in a box, but she still had hope, and she didnt complain, sometmies she has that [...]

  • Runaway by Wendelin van Draanen, is about one of the supporting characters in Sammy Keyes. Holly. She is introduced in the third book, Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy. I really enjoyed her character and wanted to read more about her so i read Runaway. I loved her poetry. What really interested me was that the author stowed away and 'researched' while writing her book. Talk about first-hand experience!

  • heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same timeThe story of how Holly escapes her foster home in pursue of herself and of her dreams, all her adventures filled with courage and raw feelings. She slowly learns how to trust again until she is able to meet a friend that will help her find the meaning of a true home and belonging

  • I loved reading this book. I read it a while ago. Right now I am reading The Running Dream-by Wendelin Van Draanen. I was surprised to find out that this book is by the same author.

  • This book was so good, I couldn't put it down! I would recommend it somebody who loves sad and depressing books, touching the topics. Of neglect and abuse

  • In the attention-drawing fictional novel, Runaway, by Wendelin Van Draanen, readers develop a compelling, close experience with the twelve-year old runaway foster child, Holly. Holly is an orphan, her mother died as a drug addict and she now lives her life in many rough foster homes. She decides to runaway from the Bender family foster home where she's constantly locked in a laundry room and abused. During her getaway, she travels to California by train (crammed in a luggage compartment). Her jo [...]

  • In the novel, Runaway, by Wendelin Van Draanen it shows the life of a foster child named Holly through her journal after she runs away from her fifth foster home in two years after being mistreated by his foster family. Holly is twelve years old who was taken by foster care after her mother died of an heroin overdose when Holly was 10 years old. One day Holly decides to runaway and takes her journal with her. She runs away skipping her stop on the school bus, that takes her to the other side of [...]

  • When 12-year-old Holly runs away from a bad situation in foster care after many other bad placements, one of the things she takes with her is her journal from school. Her teacher, Ms. Leone, tried too hard to get her writing about her feelings through poetry. But as Holly argues with Ms. Leone in the journal, she finds it slightly comforting to have someone to "talk to" while dealing with the reality of being a young runaway. Holly's (good and bad) luck on the streets for six months seems extrem [...]

  • Holly is in her fifth foster home in two years and she's had enough. She's run away before and always been caught quickly. But she's older and wiser now--she's twelve--and this time she gets away clean.You follow Holly's journey as she writes in her journal assignment given by an english teacher. The entries are tender, angry and even funny as Holly travels across the country, hopping trains, scamming food, sleeping in parks or homeless encampments. We also travel across the gaping hole in her h [...]

  • This book was one of the ones that I wasn't looking for but glad I found. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. The struggles of this girl as she faces homeless is one that I can only imagine. And one that I got to experience with her. Her abuse, regret, and love for her mother were displayed in a very excellent and heart-pulling way. It pulled on my heart strings in pretty much every direction. Holly's struggle to face reality of her homelessness was hard. She just couldn't ad [...]

  • This book is written through 12 year old Holly's eyes, shes writing journal entry's throughout her foster experience. She all of the sudden turns into a "homeless runaway" after she runs away from the foster parents who were abusing her. She is trying to survive on her own and collect the things she needs to survive like food, water and somewhere to sleep. She goes through some bumps in the road but she was smart enough to find her way out. She stows away taking buses and trains to end up in Los [...]

  • It's my second time reading this book and I loved it.It's written so well and it isn't childish, even though the perspective is from a 12 year old girl.I would recommend this book to everyone.It's a mixture of really funny stories with a brutal honesty about the life of an unfortunate 12 year old girl who has to live without a home or someone she trusts. We get to know Holly her world through her journal and it's so real and honest. You just start rooting for Holly from the very beginning of the [...]

  • This book was really good and kept my interest the whole time. I loved how it was set up like a diary. It seemed really realistic and I loved how she was street smart. How she thought about things made me feel like I was really reading about a real girl in her situation. Her background story was so sad and perfect for the story. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was because some relationships weren't built well at the end of the story. Also there's nothing in the story beside her relat [...]

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